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No spoilers, unless your entire day is spoiled by the mention of VR nudity, in which case be cautious


Man, I got nothing. I was GOING to play.  But the last few days I’ve been so very tired. Like, Lyme disease tired, which has me concerned as the doctors said the symptoms can come and go and come and go for, like, years. I hope it’s just a bug.

So I put the kids to bed, decided I had no hands for raiding, let alone a mind to solve things, and fell asleep. I WANTED to play, but….

I’m a terrible blog mate.

But here’s a thing to dicuss: So everywhere I look I see ads for PSVR. Except hotmail, which is currently pushing water gradient contact lenses, whatever those are. But everywhere ELSE I see PSVR. Now, I’m not going to do PSVR, or VR in general, until I know for sure that epileptics can use it safely (I have a feeling that they can’t). Mr. O, on the other hand, CAN use VR, and it seems like the trippy sort of thing he’d WANT to use.

He made any noise about it? Think he’ll get it for you?


I didn’t play either. Had to do some laundry, hang with the dad…you know. Tonight!

I’ve also been seeing a lot of ads for VR (not just PlayStation), and I’m curious, but I think we’ll probably wait a while on this one. Mr. O’ hasn’t expressed any particular interest, and I think probably I’ll just see how the reviews shake out and whether or not people feel it really adds anything meaningful, before spending the money on it.

It wouldn’t help the blog much, anyway, since we couldn’t compare notes and what not.


Ah, good. Always nice when we stay in lock step. We’re good at that.

Yeah, the PSVR thing is supposed to be pretty cool, but game free at this time. I mean, the thing that people are saying is the coolest thing it comes with is a simulation of being in one of those cages underwater when a shark is banging it, trying to get you. While it may well be a fascinating display of the power of the technology, that sounds very much like the opposite of fun. “Not fun” does not even begin to cover that. Not even close.


Seriously. Shudder. I don’t need the experience of having a shark trying to eat me. Come back when I can have the experience of soaring majestically above the clouds on a Pegasus or something.

If they come up with some good games for it, I could see it being worth exploring. Otherwise, it seems like an amusing novelty (great for parties!–but we never have parties) but not something you need to own.

I mean, what, I buy it and then hurry home every day thinking “Aaaahh…time to relax in the shark cage again”?

I’ll pass for now. Still, watching (not literally watching) the technology with interest.


Yeah. It seems it’s in that Catch 22: people don’t want it until it has more games, game developers don’t want to make games for it until more people have it. This, despite the fact it’s cool. This has happened before in tech (How’s that Vita treating you?).

But now it just seems a way to do terrifying things safely. Sharks. Rock climbing. Free snowboarding. I don’t WANT to do those things.

When there are sorceresses involved, sign me up.


It is the eternal problem of new tech. The Vita is…on a shelf somewhere, unplayed the past 6 months. Yup.

But yeah, we wants our narrative. Make an awesome VR story game and we’ll be all over it. (Well, if it doesn’t provoke seizures. Otherwise, some of us will be all over it.)

Sharks…mountain climbing…meh. Wake me when there’s angst and romance. And/or male nudity. (Ha: will this finally be the medium that conquers johnson physics?)


If so, that’s seizures for sure.


It’ll be worth it.

You know, for science.


We need sorceresses as a control.


I’ll accept that.

Get on it, VR game companies! You now know what it’s going to take to get our money.


Although that’s probably more risky than seizures. I might never take it off if there were sorceresses.


Enh, you’d come out once in a while for pie. And booze. It’s all about balance.


Better be some good pie.


It could have brandy-soaked raisins!


Hmm. I’d maybe turn off Keira Metz for that, but Triss or Morrigan? Better be pecan. Or peanut butter.

We, once again, derailed days too soon for the usual Friday meltdown. I’ll raid that ship tonight. I promise.


Mmm…peanut butter pie…

Yes. We’ll both play tonight! For real!