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Minor spoilers for Rise of the Tomb Raider


Ain’t got no laptop. But I played! Got back to Jacob, had a long cutscene. I’m ashamed to admit, I turned down the difficulty for that last big fight. I only had one leaf left! Needed that heal while in combat thing. My shame.

Leaves are key.

I do love me some can grenades. Where have those been?

As to dovetail with recent discussion….

The whole “her brother Konstantin” thing is on a load screen. A load screen! Do not use load screens as a plot device. I get some slack for missing that and thinking “romance” cuz it was on a load screen. In grey.

And what do you know? Flashbacks and scenes with more than one character work pretty well for telling stories. Let’s hope she hangs out with these villagers some.


Oh, right, it WAS a load screen! I remember wondering if I’d missed something, because normally the load screen offers helpful tips or reminders of story points we already know…Not fresh information we didn’t already learn! Again, weird handling of this storyline.


Ain’t it?

Are you computerless too? Looks like you’re on the phone. This might be a slow day. And I even played!


I am largely computerless, first because I was in a meeting, and now because I’m leaving work early to meet my aunt, who’s coming in for a whirlwind visit. I’ll be out of the office tomorrow to hang out with her and then out later in the week to hang out with my sister, who’s ALSO coming into town today.

So it might be a slow few days, although I’ll always have my phone.


Maybe I’ll catch up to you.



Do it! Hahahahahaha.

Seriously, you could…try…if you send your family away for the entire week…yeah, OK, it won’t happen.


Hey I got to….uh…..21%? Ish? Or so?

I COULD send them away…..decent plan….


You could totally do it, then! I’m only 26%, I think. You’re within reach, given a few days when I don’t play!

Butch [later]:

Well, not if things like today happen. You’re expecting me to say “Got nothing, didn’t play,” but no. I DID play! And I spent so very much of it going “Huh?”

Here’s the short version: I looted, killed some dudes, finished a mission where I had to kill a bunch of wolves. Poor wolves. Got that QTE. Annoying.


So I started at the refuge campsite where Jacob drops you off after he saves you. I camp, and, much to my surprise, not only are there, like, LOTS of guns and bows highlighted, I can equip them. Where the hell did THESE come from? Jacob had an arsenal up there? And, if so, why does he need MY help? Seriously. Five pistols, a sniper rifle, three bows….

It was weird. And it undermined a lot of discovery. I mean, it was a THING when you find the recurve bow. You try to find parts for things. You want coins to buy things. And here we are with a whole arsenal just plopped in our inventory.

I mean, I found a gun part later on, and the little fanfare played, and I was like “Uh….so what? I just got handed all this stuff…..”

Maybe this, too, was a “throw PS4 players a bone,” but it rankled. This game is making some weird choices.

Then I stumbled into some shit called “Baba yaga.” What on God’s EARTH is this? I’m just toodling, then there’s pink, then there’s dudes, and a whole set of missions….what IS this? I found some girl named Nadia and things tripped. Is this free DLC?

Then I killed wolves, and then I stopped.

I started at 22%. I ended at 22%.

I won’t catch you.


Baba Yaga is a lengthy sidequest…some interesting stuff there, I think, although I’m only about half through it. I haven’t played at all today, so you could still catch up! Or, if you save Baba Yaga for later, pass me! Because I assume it doesn’t count toward the main story completion percentage.

It’s got a tomb, though, so you’ll want to check it out. As if there was any chance you’d skip it.


Well now Jacob and the next Baba Yaga bit are in the same place. Copper hill ahoy!

Autocorrect capitalized Baba Yaga. Weird.


Autocorrect respects its legendary witches. Wise, autocorrect. Very wise. Don’t mess with Baba Yaga.