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Minor spoilers for Rise of the Tomb Raider


Didn’t get ahead of you. Got to 23%. Mostly cuz I wasted time.

I got into Baba Yaga, but it took me forever to figure out where to go cuz I thought the “tomb entrance” was different from the Baba Yaga icon, so I wandered around forever trying to find out “where to go” when I knew all along. But get there I did. Did the optional tomb (When Nadia was all “There’s no reason to go in the temple” I almost laughed. Don’t know who you’re dealing with, do you?), did the trippy bit, killed a lot of ghost wolves, got killed by a lot of a ghost wolves a lot, but prevailed. Then I found the flowers and spent HALF A DAMN HOUR trying to kill a deer. A fucking DEER!

Had I not wasted so much time on deer and doors I’d be ahead of you. But waste time I did. On a fucking DEER.

There seems to be a lot of that in this game. Maybe it’s me.

But we seem to have some themes! Chasing a crazy (grand)father into madness here in Baba Yaga….. But I haven’t actually MADE the deer liver cocktail cuz I just killed the deer, so I’m behind you.

That wolf fight took FOREVER.


It took me approximately forever to kill the deer too. They’re everywhere when you don’t care about them, but then of course I couldn’t find one when I needed it. I haven’t made the cocktail either, because I went hunting relics and got sucked back into the main story. But first fast travel chance I get, I’m going back to finish up with Baba Yaga.

Ha–I agree, Nadia telling us we didn’t need to bother looking around was just funny.

“It’s OK because you only met me 20 minutes ago, but…you really know nothing about me.”


She knows nothing at all.

I’m so going magpie next time. I found a crypt. A crypt for fucks sake. Only reason I wasn’t all over it is that I was so pissed at deer in general that one was gonna die before I did anything else.


There’s so much magpieing to be done. I think I’m still only 60% or something in that whole Soviet Installation region.


Yup. When I noticed “Crypt entrance” it was like “hell no.”

I do like that, through the XP mechanic, and the very contrived shop, and the story bits, they’ve given collectibles some purpose. There’s reward for this. Languages, too. Makes a day of magpieing have some purpose.

Of course, it also slows you down more than usual. I mean, there’s a good reason to abandon Jacob and go find coins and relics and shit. He’ll have to wait.

I mean, a CRYPT!