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Minor spoilers for early bits in Fallout 4 and Dragon Age 2…in case you’ve missed being spoiled on those hot new releases


Still haven’t even done the crypt. Not going to catch you.


I can’t remember if I got to the crypt either, so…let’s just say I didn’t, and that you’re good. You have a very good shot at getting ahead!

I probably did, though. I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of things. It was the one in the Soviet Installation region? Is there some special trick to getting in, like the rope arrows?

I know there’s at least one thing in that region that I haven’t done because I need explosives to get through the door and I keep forgetting to carry a can around long enough to try my handmade grenade on it.


Yeah it’s right by the logging camp. No doubt you’ve done it. No rope arrows.

On another topic: wild internet speculation is that TR3 will be “shadow of the tomb raider,” is deep in development, and may be being made by Eidos Montreal (who make Deus Ex) and not Crystal Dynamics, who we know are doing a new IP.

Also there was an ME teaser a couple of weeks ago, and here’s odd: so you can play as a man or a woman. Ok, fine. But the one you DON’T choose stays in game as your NPC sibling.



Wild internet speculation must be true!!!!!

That IS interesting that you have a sibling who’s whichever gender you decided not to play. Hm. I wonder if there’s anything in the game specific to gender, such that you really needed there to be both a male and female character in the family, or if they just figured it was kind of interesting and went with it.


Hey this speculation was supported by a blurry photo some dude took of the guy next to him on the train! Or his laptop. Must be true!

I guess there’s some precedent with the whole “the other genders still in it”. Fallout 4 the other choice was your short lived spouse.


Very true…and gender wasn’t particularly relevant there, it was just a bit of the story.

There was also the ‘one of your siblings dies’ bit of Dragon Age 2, but the surviving one was determined by the PC’s character class, not gender, so it’s not quite the same.


Oh right!

Would be a bummer if they used that whole “dead sibling/spouse” as motivation thing.

I won’t play it if they do. HA!


Oh man, that would kind of suck. Although of course we’ll play it anyway.

The trailer could be a montage of every trope ever included in a game, and we’d still be all “they probably put an interesting twist on the convention. We’d better play it.”



Cuz romance.


Angsty brooding and romance all the way, man.


Darn tootin

Got to 24%.