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Minor, mechanics-related spoilers for Baba Yaga DLC in Rise of the Tomb Raider


You were SO right about that timing thing in the Baba Yaga story. Took me two freaking hours. I would have taken a break, but it never gave me the auto-saving symbol so I was terrified that if I signed out it would make me start all over again when I came back and that was too horrible to imagine.

I finally got on the gondola and called it a night.



And you’re not even AT Baba Yaga…..I’m AT Baba Yaga…..

A tip: There ARE places to save when you are fighting Baba Yaga…..

But yeah. Imagine being as pissed as you were, then starting a never ending boss fight.

You did right. I charged blindly on, and the rage…the RAGE!

Feminina [later]:

Did the Baba Yaga fight. You were right, it DID go on and on, didn’t it?

Now I have to search the vale for all the documents and stuff, and even they don’t look straightforward.


But it’s doable then. It does end.

I mean, can’t today, but…someday.


It does end, eventually. Just keep doing that thing, that you figured out how to do that first time…do that over and over…


I don’t wanna.

Gonna turn it to easy. Don’t judge.


At least maybe you’ll be able to see if some of the non combat stuff is affected by the difficulty level. I mean, if attaching ropes to gears isn’t combat.

Report back!