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No spoilers because we’re talking about things that don’t exist yet


So Sony had its weird “experience” show over the weekend. Ho hum, Japanese stuff, DLC, yeah yeah, ok, ok, Last of Us two, some other stuff….


Go google the trailer.

Also, there’s gonna be a stand alone Uncharted story called the Lost Legacy. This explores something in the Middle East you do with Nadine. Now, you might be wondering how that fits. Nathan didn’t have history with Nadine. His story ended, right? Right.

Well, this story makes sense with Nadine, see, cuz you play…..

…….catches breath…..

As Chloe.

You. Play. As. Chloe.


No words.


Ok, I should probably apologize ahead of time to you and our readers. It’s going to be very hard for me to


contain my excitement about this weekend’s news.

But I’ll try.


Sony has been spying on your dreams, haven’t they?

And we shall all reap the benefit! I’m down for that game.


They have…..THEY HAVE!

As am I, down with this. And for TLOU2, for that matter. Granted, I do have mixed feelings about TLOU2, as a) great game, I’m sure but b) yeah….not a game world I’m up for rushing back to. That and, at an open panel discussion, the director said that “The first game was about love and how that motivates people. This one is the counter: how hate motivates people.” So, while the first one was nothing but sunshine and tulips, this sequel might get dark and depressing.


I mean, I’m gonna play it. Because. But “excited” is not the word.


Yeah, OK, another TLOU but seething with hatred…sounds uplifting! And so topical in mood, given our current political situation. I can’t wait!

I mean…I’ll play it. But yeah, I’m with you in that ‘psyched for’ isn’t exactly the right description.


I know. I mean, I WANT to play it, just not the same way I WANT to play Mass Effect. And I’m sure we’ll get somewhere upwards of 12 billion words out of it, and we’ll both be glad we played it, but….

Strange emotions here.

You watch the trailer?


Looks beautiful, moody and crushingly depressing. Just the way I like my entertainment!

I WANT to play it, because I WANT to be plunged into unremitting gloom, because I hate sunshine and happiness. I’m not HAPPY about the gloom, because it’s so gloomy, but that’s to be expected.

But yeah, we’ll play, we’ll talk, we’ll be better for the experience. Not happier, but more interesting.


It’s how we do.


But, you know, also WE PLAY AS CHLOE. So there’s that bright side.