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Some spoilers for story points in Rise of the Tomb Raider and for a key plot point in the 2013 Tomb Raider.


So raided the Infirmary (speaking of being ill). Fast healing is the bestest thing ever. Where’s THAT been? I LOVE fast healing! Then I fought waves of dudes, and found that I love BOTH fast healing and grenade arrows! Grenade arrows against riot shield dudes is pretty damn awesome.

Then I got the wire coil, but not the rebreather. Did that run over the cliffs that was a tutorial for the wire coil. Could feel Drake seething with jealousy from three games away. Called it a night.

So had one of those “You must not get the source” “Yes, I must” talks with Jacob, and, I must say, I liked it better than you did. There’s a neat wrinkle: Lara (the hero, you know, the one that saves people? We were talking on saving dudes, or not, just yesterday) is all “I can save you! I can relieve you of your burdens!” and Jacob wants none of it. Indeed, not only does he want none of it, he tells her, accurately, really, that she’s not doing it for him, but for her. She’s being selfish.

Which raises some interesting questions. First, do people KNOW when they need to be saved? Is Jacob wrong? SHOULD he want help? Is it our place to choose? There’s certainly overlap with the Prophet story there, but that’s for another blog post.

But also: is this endemic to superheroes? I mean, sure, back in the day things were pretty black and white. Joker was robbing a bank, that’s obviously bad, batman stopped him. The bankers were never “Oh no, man, it’s cool, he can so rob us, no big.” But lately, in movies, games, whatever, we’ve seen a lot of heroes do things selfishly (Nathan Drake) and heroes help people who THOUGHT they needed help and should have left well enough alone (The Bloody Baron comes to mind).

Role of the hero seems to be a thing we’re doing this week.


I played a bit as well. Got those broad head climbing arrows I was needing! Thanks, game!

Of course, then I needed them for the thing the game gave them to me for, so I still have to go back to the place where I originally realized I needed them to get into a hiding spot, but hey, at least when I get around to it, I’m ready.

So many toys…Drake is SEETHING with jealousy right now.

It’s a good point: Jacob is right to point out that Lara is really interested in the Divine Source for her own reasons, not for theirs, but Lara could also be right to argue that it would be a good idea for the Remnant to share it with the world, if only in order that they have a better chance to control how it’s used.

And once again we come to the question that always seems to arise when a small group of dedicated people are protecting some ancient secret: you apparently don’t use this thing yourselves–at least, we’ve seen no solid indication that that do, although we did mention that Jacob appears suspiciously young, and it’s apparently extremely well hidden so presumably they themselves would also have a hard time getting to it–so how the hell do we actually know it does anything at all? But I digress.

Although as to digression and knowing whether it does anything, do note coming up in a bit the possible entry into the story of the Supernatural!–although as usual we don’t get a very good look at it, so it could turn out to be a prospector in a sheet.

Anyway, the question of whether or not people need or want to be saved by the hero is a good one. It’s also interesting that in this case, not all the Remnant seem to entirely agree: Jacob is their leader, but does he speak for all of them? Can you help some people if they want you to, but others don’t?



Drake was so proud of his piton. He had so many doors open to him with his piton. And now he feels so empty.

As for the Source…Yes…true….well, hold on.

I was going to type “But she hasn’t dedicated her whole life to it,” but then, LORD Croft did. Lara has by extension. Maybe they don’t have a monopoly on the whole caring thing. Especially now that I know they have the help of something called “Deathless swordsmen.”

(To digress: That gives a good narrative reason to toodle. “Watch out for the Deathless Swordsmen!” “The what now? Uh….yeah…I’m going….back…over there…..” )

But, again, does that give the random hero the right to butt in? And, again, is Lara as random as Drake? Drake just sort of wants stuff. Lara has a vested interest in it. Sort of.

This potential supernatural you mention would be the Deathless Swordsmen. I haven’t met them, but that sounds very prospector.

It is so that the villagers are not united here. Much like the followers of the Prophet.

You don’t think Jacob IS the prophet, do you? Don’t spoil if you know.


Ah, good thought! I wonder if Jacob IS the Prophet? That would be an interesting twist, and we’ve seen an immortal character in this franchise before (although the Yamatai queen was only immortal by stealing other peoples’ bodies, while Jacob would likely be actually undying in his original body.)

Hm. I could dig that. But no, I don’t know anything about it.

And yes, the possible Supernatural would be the Deathless Swordsmen, who SOUND pretty mystical magic guardian but could turn out to be just…I don’t know…pollen-addled dissident villagers or something. We’ve seen it happen with Baba Yaga! This valley has some weird pollen.

It would be kind of odd if they reused this twist from the main game for the DLC that most of the early players wouldn’t get until later, unlike us, but maybe they just really loved the idea. It could happen.


Speaking of Yamatai, whatever happened to Sam? Sam was a good pal. Did we ever hear about her?

Could be pollen. This part of the world does have some weird stuff. And it sounds like the Swordsmen aren’t really with Jacob’s dudes. Jacob’s dudes seem like they stay away.

Which makes me think they may well not just be pollen-addled normal dudes. We have established that the Tomb Raider universe is one with bona fide WEIRD SHIT, as we are led to believe that all the shit in one was real. Right? There wasn’t any pollen on Yamatai that I remember. So weird can happen.


I think one of the “therapy session” tapes mentioned Sam…something about how she was so traumatized she’d cut off contact with Lara, and only Jonah was still talking to her, and how bad that was for her own mental health. So she’s apparently alive, but out of the picture. She couldn’t handle the truth!

Yeah, the Deathless dudes don’t seem to be really ‘with’ anyone. They just protect the Atlas, apparently from all comers. Multiple layers of security, I suppose…the Remnant are supposed to keep people from getting near the Cathedral, the Deathless are supposed to keep people from getting into the Cathedral, the Atlas is supposed to…slow people down in their quest to get to the Divine Source…which again makes me think the Remnant are not making any use of the Divine Source themselves, so how do they even know it DOES anything?

We did have a whole little discussion about faith a bit ago, so this is more of that…they don’t KNOW that the thing they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting for 50 generations or whatever is even worth protecting, but they believe it because they’ve been told it’s true, and it gives their lives meaning. (Unless they do know it’s true because Immortal Prophet Jacob is its testimony.)