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Some mild spoilers for Rise of the Tomb Raider main story


No laptop which sucks cuz I kinda fell back in love with this game last night.

Climbed that whole tower, pulled a gun on Anna, saved her by shooting generators (awesome scene), called it quits.

This was one of those sessions that just captured the whole action hero thing perfectly. Just awesome. Climbing with the views, approaching as you overhear the radio stuff, them being scared of you, the generator bit….great.

I also love that Lara shot Anna. Usually there’s all this talking FIRST then the hero cracks or the baddie shoots first. This time, just “BANG” “you betrayed my father!” THEN talking. Or yelling. Lara wants none of your reasoning.

But a complaint: the whole plot through document thing.

Here I am. It’s exciting. I’m in a tower. I’m approaching a moment, man. There’s tense, fast, action music (trust me), and then “oh look a document” and…..pause. Talking. Xp. No music. And then….we’re back.

The one bad moment in the thing.


Oh yeah, the confrontation with Ana. That was nice and dramatic. And the way she sort of spits “kill her” after you, completely abandoning the pretense/attempt at some kind of friendliness between you (as might be expected since you just shot her), is a good character moment for her: she’s so sick and exhausted and desperate and totally filled with rage. Just like me lately! I like this lady! Ha.

I thought it was also a nice balance of cut scene with some bits you actually had to move for, keeping you engaged.

I’m not that much farther than you now, and I haven’t played, so you could still catch up to me! You know, in theory.


It was a good use of cutscenes! Makes a strong case for linear games.

Why the rage?


Oh, just casting back to the election and work and what-not. Trying to find some common ground with Ana, an obviously hard-working, dedicated woman (who’s PROBABLY not romantically involved with her brother) whom Lara treats most harshly.


Ah I feel ya.

Sympathy for the more dedicated fanatic. She hired dudes! Married a weirdo! All Lara did was steal gears and cut down rabbits!


Yeah! Lara’s a dilettante, really. She bums around doing the angsty brooding rich kid thing, amusing herself with treasure hunting while I do the hard work of maintaining a relationship with her father, and then she wants to come swooping in here at the last minute and steal the fruits of MY labor!

And, OK, her father’s, but I worked a lot harder than she did to encourage and support him in his ‘crazy’ quest, so I think I deserve this a lot more than she does.

No wonder I’m filled with rage, man.


Man. You get MAD when they ask you to work at work.


I HATE THEM ALL SO MUCH…mumble mumble.

Ha. Actually, I’m accomplishing things! Doing useful stuff! It’s great! I feel so productive!

Except I can’t concentrate on the important game-related issues as well.


What is this “accomplishing things” of which you speak?

Wait! I put up a wreath today! That’s something!

Aaaaaaand Christmas monkey is in my head.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, stop! It just stopped being in my head!


We face a renovation that is going to take away some of our space, so we’re desperately scrambling for ways to deal with this that don’t involve just tossing out all the print collections.

Horribly boring stuff, but we feel productive if we, for example, identify things that are online, or that we could put online, thus making tossing the print less damaging.


Bad your-workplace! I bet they’re just gonna make the space they’re taking a lounge and name it after a rich dude. They do that a lot.


Yeah, probably. They like to make study space, which, fine, students gotta study. And the library encourages study. We welcome study! We get students in here studying all the time. We know they aren’t here to hang out with the library staff or, these days, particularly to use the print collection.

It makes sense, kind of.

But from a historical standpoint, if you make us get rid of things we can never get back and that no one else has either, someday you’re going to want it and it’s going to be gone.

I guess I could just make a plan right now to point and laugh? That would take a lot of pressure off in terms of having to decide “OK, what does someone else have, what can we move somewhere else,” etc. Just throw it all out now!

That’s probably what Ana would do.

Murderous religious fanatics: an unexpected role model for librarians in trying times?


No way man. Lara’s the one blowing stuff up. She trashed that tomb in Syria. She busted all sorts of gizmos designed to access ancient codices. Lord only knows what she’s doing with the relics but it sure isn’t packing them in her tight pants.

Ana? She cares so much about archiving the past she takes the time to leave her journal entries right there in Lara’s path for posterity. And to break narrative momentum.

I bet that Syrian tomb is now a student lounge.


Ha! Very true.

Students like nothing better than to kick back in a comfy chair, plug their laptops into the outlets thoughtfully provided on the side of the tomb, and study away in the shadow of a historical event whose memory has been carelessly erased by treasure hunters.

Also good point about Ana and record keeping. She’s admirably committed to documenting the details of the unfolding situation, although her information security practices do leave some room for improvement.


You know, I often did have to climb the outside of the law tower when I went to school at your-workplace. Very finicky elevators, you know.

Those remnants are more like you. Look at all those hunting textbooks they just left out in the rain!


I hear they have more reliable elevators now, but you have to operate them by turning a wheel with a climbing axe. Standard issue to all incoming law students as of 2014.


In my day all they gave us were makeshift bows. No rope arrows or nothing. Spoiled kids today.