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No spoilers except about our past game love lives


You know, we haven’t talked about this:

Mass Effect Andromeda Game Awards Gameplay Demo in 4K

I dunno, what you think, should we play it?


I guess, dude. Whatever.


In seriousness, it seems a little light on story and heavy on randomly exploring everything, based on this description, but we do like to toodle, so I’m sure it’ll hold our interest for a while.

Nice that they used a female PC for the demo. Good work, people: as a woman, consider me outreached unto.


Nah, it’ll be fine on story. Or, rather, it’ll probably be a typical Bioware game story: There’ll be some rather generic overarching quest thing, like “end of world, or end of humanity, or end of something, go deal,” and the meat and potatoes of what we’ll a) blog about and b) enjoy will be the side stuff and the characters. Really, when you get down to it, that’s every Bioware game ever. We do not play them for the overarching story.

They’ve said that they’ve brought back loyalty missions for this one, and, if you’ll recall, there were themes-o-plenty in how those all related in the first few ME games. That’ll be what we dig the most. As usual.

I’ll go female. Already been a dude in ME.


Yeah, you’re right, that’s going to sum it up.

Plus romance. Never forget the romance. Ideally with some angsty, brooding, heavily armored type.

Ooh, I hope there are fancy dress balls!


Go after a Krogan, Femmy. It’s time. At a ball, no less.

There WAS dancing in the others…..


Krogan are certainly…armored…but I don’t know if they have the level of brooding angst that I generally prefer in my romantic partners. Although maybe we’ll meet the ONE brooding angsty one, in which case my heart is already lost.


It’s all downhill from there.

There do seem to be Turians. Think you can wrest yourself away?


I do have a history with Turians. And whatever Thane was.

Let’s be honest, it’s going to come down to a master level brood-off, and whoever brings the angst most convincingly while also wearing ridiculously heavy armor like it’s no thing is going to be the one I wind up swooning over.


And I will, likely, wind up playing yet another universe saving lesbian.

We are nothing if not consistent.


We gotta be we, man. Our followers would abandon us in droves if we turned away from that core mission.