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Spoilers for our cavalier approach to childhood ailments, as well as Rise of the Tomb Raider locations and battles


I got nothing. Well, I have a cold. I thought I was just tired, but by playin’ time I was all runny, stuffy, icky. So I got nothing.

Today. I shall play today.


I have a baby with a cold. He kept waking up about every 45 minutes all night long, to cough or whimper or generally complain that he didn’t feel good. But no fever and he seemed OK this morning, so off to daycare he goes. I’m sure he got the cold there in the first place anyway.


Ah, the ol’ no fever thing. Sure, he’s running around, his flesh rotting off, eating brains, but no fever! Send him to school!

(I have also, I admit, done the whole tylenol then “Well, shit, he didn’t have a fever when I put him on the bus this morning!” Technically true.

It’s good to spread disease! Free vaccines! You’re doing everyone a favor, really.



They’ll all thank me later when their kids are immune to this 2 months from now. The better to appreciate some other nasty cough.

And the fevers, they come out of nowhere! Who could have predicted that the Tylenol I gave him purely to stave off a headache would wear off and he’d wind up with a completely unexpected fever? No one anticipates this!


There is absolutely no way to tell. I mean, even with the tylenol, he could be better! Should I waste a day of his formative, vitally important education with him just sitting around all healthy? NO!

One does what one must.

My hotmail ads are all new TVs. You gonna get one or what?


Right? What if I keep him home and he’s fine?

That’s precious moments of potential learning LOST FOREVER. I can’t take that risk.

My ads are all for stuff I can buy with my FSA funds, so, you know, bandages and compression socks. Exciting!



TV beats compression socks.


Seriously. You don’t know me at ALL, internet ads. Compression socks? Could there be anything less fun to receive as a gift? Even ordinary socks would be better!


Ok, played some. Went into the lost city, she was all “They’re patrolling the streets. Better not be seen,” which, of course, meant I was seen two seconds later. Fought dudes, then spent WAY too much time trying to figure out how to open this trap door above what MUST be something disappointing because it’s hard to get into. Didn’t figure it out. Gave up. Then found the entrance to the tomb here, killed another poor bear, camped, upgraded my shotgun, stopped.

One percent! I did one percent. Would’ve been more but that DAMN trap door! How do you DO it?

I shall raid the tomb directly.

Well, when I can get time kidless.


Yup. Seen within moments. I TRIED to be sneaky, but…no luck. The Deathless have higher spot checks than the Trinity guys, that’s for sure.

Ah, that trap door. I puzzled over that one for quite a while as well. If you want a spoiler, there’s a…well, look around for something to attach a rope to. I won’t completely spoil, unless you want that.

Raid that tomb! It was kind of an interesting one.


Spoil away. Too angry at it for you to not.

I want to raid! RAAAAAID!


Well, OK. If you go outside the building with the trapdoor, and climb up the building next door to it, there’s a ledge with a wheel from which you can look down/over and see the trapdoor through the broken wall. Shoot a rope arrow at the trapdoor, fasten the rope to the wheel, turn the wheel with your ax, up it comes. Then enjoy the riches of 2 coins and one booze chair that await you!

Then raid.


AH! I saw that wheel, but figured it was main story so I didn’t go near. Didn’t want to hit a point of no return.


Ah well.


Yeah, they’re just messing with you there. You can go pretty much anywhere in the city without triggering main story, except up the steps to the big cathedral-y building.

On that “don’t be seen” bit, I did like the cutscene earlier on (quite a bit earlier on, wasn’t it, but I’m reminded of it now) where the dude is looking over the edge and she’s hiding underneath it. It was nicely tense and there was this moment of uncertainty as to whether or not it was a cutscene: do I have to intentionally hide here? Can I stop hiding? Do I need to hold a button to make sure I don’t?

And then I came up and he instantly saw me and we got into a fight, but whatever, it was still briefly nerve-wracking.


That was cool! But he saw you? He didn’t see me. Or at least THAT one didn’t. I think you get jump scared attacked when you come up no matter what. There’s a QTE or something, if I remember.


Oh no, he didn’t see me while I was hiding, I was talking about the jump scare when you come up over the ledge. Which sort of rendered the whole hiding bit meaningless in retrospect (although I guess since he didn’t see us hiding, he couldn’t just knock us off the wall), but as I said, it was still a nice moment.


I kind of liked it anyway. It was all “Phew I escaped….he didn’t see AIEE!”


Yeah, that is kind of fun. “Whew, I sure am sneaky! Nobody spots me! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”