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Some spoilers for near-end combat in Rise of the Tomb Raider


I apologize for the repetitive nature of this post:

So I did the bridge thing you do after the trebuchet bit. Great stuff! Made me feel like an action hero! And no accidental document this time! (That sentence there is how you know this isn’t cut and paste.) But then, after that, I hit a fight that I simply couldn’t do. I think I came close a couple times, felt “I got this,” but then another wave appeared and I died. I’ll probably turn the difficulty down. I’m not sure if it was pacing or the fact I have a cold or what.

Deja vu, man. Deja vu.

Maybe I should just kick the difficulty down a notch for good. I’ve proven enough on Seasoned Raider. This is two days straight I’ve hit a wall on a fight. These fights are BIG man. This makes me think the last boss fight (cuz there WILL be a last boss fight) is gonna be a bitch.


Wave after wave of dudes. It’s how they get you, all right.

As for the ending…hm. Depends how you think of “big boss fight.” There was a pretty big one that killed me a few times, and some waves of dudes, but…well…you see how it goes.

I didn’t find the ending that bad on whatever difficulty it was I started with, but then, I wasn’t sick. If you gotta turn it down, turn it down. The important thing is that you get it done and have fun. You don’t want to end up hating this game because of some endless, frustrating final battle.


You can’t really blame them. I mean, why attack at once when you’re deathless? I mean, you can be all “Kevin can handle it by himself, what not being able to die and all. Plus he has that enormous axe. He’ll be fine. I’ll just finish my coffee and….waaaaaaaaait…….”

No, I don’t hate it. But I have hit a wall these last two days. And I’m not usually fond of end of game boss fights when I’m not sick, tired and stressed. And I have two clicks below where I am.

Plus I’m out of cloth. The irony. I hoarded leaves so very, very well, and now it’s cloth that lays me low. Flashing red, right there under “Leaves: 9/1.” I HAVE THE LEAVES! You can’t survive those wave fights without healing. You just can’t.


“Damn it, Kevin is down, I’d better go in. Luigi, you stay and finish your donut.”

There’s a couple of slightly Lazarevic-y fights, that is true. QTEs, etc. But it wasn’t as bad as Lazarevic with all the running around and shooting trees.

So really it’s just through the gate, a few waves of dudes, big fight with a…thing…no wait two things or one thing twice, I can’t remember…dude waves, boss fight, action, action, dudes, drama, and you’re done. You’re practically already there. It’s gonna be great.


A COUPLE of such fights?


Well, I guess when you’re playing an action game, expect action. I’m looking forward to a good solid chunk of time with nice, slow, romance filled RPGs next year.

Robot dinosaur love. Makes the world go round.


Well, you know, they’ve got to pack in the action at the end, make it exciting. On the plus side: no toodling!

It’s not that bad. You’ll be done before you know it.


You always say that three months before I finish a game.


And I’m always right! Three months later.