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So many games mentioned, so few spoilers


Ok, as a palate cleanser after Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, we should snag Day of the Tentacle for free this month. Great game. Funny. You’ll love it. And free.

And not “This war of Mine: The little ones” which is supposed to be good, but insanely depressing and who needs that?


Depressing? We can wait for the Last of Us sequel for that.

Got together with family over the weekend, so didn’t play much except some tabletop card games.

Specifically, Code Names, Joking Hazard, and Apples to Apples (which seems incredibly mild in comparison to Cards Against Humanity, which we did not get around to playing).

Good low-tech fun.

Then I just started ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,’ which is interesting. Very slow and moody (wandering around looking at stuff).


Yeah. Depressing is the last thing we need right now. Day of the Tentacle is what we need right now. Or sorceresses. I could use those.

That Cards Against Humanity thing is weird. Give me Overthrone any day.

I didn’t do much, but started episode 2 of King’s Quest (which is very good, you’d like it, O’Jr. would like it) and chewed on The Witness, as it was the one with the 4K HDR patch, and, yes, yes, yes, it looks pretty, but I will say: I’ve been saying this game is good. It’s not. This is a damn masterpiece. They’ve taken a game about tracing little line puzzles and given it more themes and more ways that gameplay IS the theme than maybe anything I’ve ever played. I think it didn’t get that kind of write up because you REALLY have to peel back layers to get to that point. If you play it through, straight, to write a review, you miss the themes. It has to develop, which IS a theme.

Seriously. Play this damn game. It’s cheap. No excuses.

Also, do go forth and get Day of the Tentacle. Trust me. And wait to play it until I start it and can find the sprint button for you.

But again, definitely not “This war of mine: The Little Ones.” “This War of Mine” was a story game that followed people during a war in Eastern Europe. Civilians. People starved, people died of sickness, you made choices and people died anyway. It was supposed to be great but depressing. The sequel? All of that, but looking at the plight of the children. Yeah. The children.

Let’s not play that, ok? We agree that this year shall be one of escapism, yes? Though it’s rather fitting we’re starting it with a game about the end of the world. Two, if you count Horizon Zero Dawn. Three, if you count day of the tentacle.



Yeah, let’s avoid the crushing depression of dying children. I mean, that does sound…meaningful, and thought-provoking, and good for some deep discussion, but yikes. Not the time, man.

Day of the Tentacle, check. You play Rapture! There are things we could discuss! Plus it looks really pretty even on my boring old regular PS4 and tiny ancient TV, so it will probably knock your socks off with your sweet new tech.


Yeah, slow and moody. Why I’m looking forward to day of the tentacle, which is funny as hell. We need funny. Moody works. Good bloggage. And, as you won’t play the Witness, which goes beyond bloggage into dissertation territory, we’ll do this.

Not sure there’s ever a time for dying children.

This tech does knock socks off, it does. Even without the benefit of a AAA game at this point.


Funny could work.

“Before we had kids” was probably the only right time for a thoughtful game about children dying. Oh, man, like “That Dragon, Cancer.” Did you hear about that? An apparently thoughtful, moving, beautifully told game-story of a family where a child is dying of cancer, based on a real-life family where the child died of cancer.

Sounds…meaningful as hell, and no. I cannot do that right now. Maybe…I don’t know when.

Anyway…I guess I COULD get the Witness, but you’re already practically done with it, or else it’s so long neither of us will ever be done with it (because you’ve been doing it for months, right?) so we’d wind up all out of whack at some point in the future.

Besides, it upsets the order of the universe if I’m not the one who’s way ahead. You know this is true.

Promise me I’ll be ahead of you in a week, and I’ll think about it.


Funny is needed. Also free.

And That Dragon, Cancer…Nope nope nope. I have heard of that game, and I, too, want nothing of it. I’m sure it’s great. I admire it. And nope. Shit, I was scrolling through PBS shows on demand to find something for Jr., and I saw this documentary about the making of a game and I thought “Oh neat! That sounds like something I’d like!” and then I saw it was THAT game, and refused to watch it. I don’t even want to see how they MADE that. Nope.

The Witness…Well….I have been chewing on it on and off for months, but it’s been mostly three or four days on, two or three weeks off. I really only messed with it when I and/or Jr. wasn’t playing something else. It’s like that. Good filler for those week blocks when you need a filler. So “months” is a tad misleading. If you count the actual hours/days that I’ve played it it sure as hell hasn’t been months in the same sense that, say, TW3 was months, as I played that daily for months. And worry not about me being done with it. It’s hard to describe….it’s not a game where there are events and plot points and twists and all that I would have to remember or I’d be all “Oh…I sorta remember….is that the part where…..?” so it would keep.

Go get the game. It’s something you’d adore.


Free is good. Free and funny.

The emphatic NOPE we’re both giving the mere idea of these games is a pretty good demonstration of why most games quietly elide the question of children. Where are the children? Why are there no children? It makes no sense, but…shhh.

People just don’t want to deal with children in danger in their light entertainment. I mean, I sure don’t. Bethesda sometimes tosses a few in, and we both noted that the Witcher 3 had an unusual number of children in villages, i.e., some (a few times they were even specifically the victims of monsters), but that’s not common.

Oh, I should note I did get a board/card game based on Firefly for Christmas, in case we ever want to play tabletop anything ever again. Firefly’s good. Probably some funny bits.


Indeed. Go get Tentacle. Someday you WILL finish a Double Fine game.

Especially can’t deal with children in real life situations. Disease. War.

I mean, especially in this day and age, I don’t need depressing. I can do thought provoking. Indeed, with stupidity and ignorance sweeping the lands, we could do with more intellectualism. But there’s thought provoking (The Witness, Gone Home, etc., not to mention what we squeeze out of other games), and there’s soul crushingly depressing. Don’t need the latter. Nope.

Man, Firefly is only depressing because there isn’t more of it. When’s Netflix or Amazon gonna get on that remake?


I can handle about one soul-crushingly depressing game per decade, and The Last of Us/Part 2 have already got that slot sewn up. (And even that, except in the specific SOUL. CRUSHING. storyline with Ish etc., mainly stayed away from children: we talked about how you didn’t see Infected children, and rarely ran into them among the survivors.)

I heard rumors of a Firefly renewal again recently, but I’ve been burned too many times to take them seriously.


Pretty much. We’re going to play TLOU 2, because we can’t help ourselves, and we’ll kick ourselves for it.

Ish. Man.

Wise to ignore Firefly speculation. Those rumors will exist so long as there is the internet.


OK, so I’ll see how long it takes me to finish Rapture, and then if the word on HZD is still late February, I’ll consider the Witness. How’s that? Unless you prefer Day of the Tentacle.

Maybe I’ll consider The Witness if Mass Effect: Andromeda gets pushed back. I’m not sure where it’s fitting in, really.


We can probably Day of the Tentacle it. We haven’t discussed humor in a while.

The Witness fits wherever I tell you.

Just started Stardew Valley. It’s cute. More of a Jr. thing. Kinda like a cross between Minecraft, a farming sim, and the legend of Zelda. And it has the ability to get married. Kinda odd. But cute.


Yeah, it could be nice to do something light.

Although watch, it will turn out that ironically we’re completely unfunny when discussing humor, even though we can be quite amusing when talking about soul crushing bleakness.


The sooner we find that out about ourselves, the better.

We could have years ago had you finished Grim Fandango.

The first thing I’m gonna do is find the sprint button for you.

In the Witness, it’s L2. Which I’ve already told you, and will again.


Keep reminding me! Never forget!

I should just get “L2” on a T shirt.

FYI it’s R2 in Rapture, although ‘sprint’ is kind of misleading…more like ‘saunter slightly more rapidly.’