Some vague discussion of The Witness, minor spoilers about environments you might see in it


If we’re done with Rapture…

Did a couple of puzzles in the Witness, and schlepped back to the very beginning of the game to reacquaint myself with things there. Found stuff that kinda blew my mind. Again.


Well, as I said, I just started it. No idea what’s going on.

I don’t have much to say about it yet. It IS pretty! Even on a regular PS4 and a little old TV. I’ve wandered around, solved some puzzles, seen some puzzles I don’t know how to solve yet. Saw some disturbingly lifelike statues that may or may not be actual people turned to stone. Listened to a few philosophical but uninformative recordings. Found a boat. That’s about it.


You’re not supposed to know what’s going on yet. Keep at it. Ooo! I’ll give you an important tip: You know how you always want to know about a sprint (L2) button? Another button that should be your special friend in this one is “share.” Yes, it’s great for showing off how close you got your character to looking like Morrigan, but, in this one, there will likely be things where you go “Well….THAT must be important but fuck if I know why.”

When that happens, take a picture. Beats sprinting back to look.

I’ll await your impressions.

So you’ve done some stuff, though! Stroll. Enjoy.

The boat is handy. Even handier than sprinting. What puzzles have you learned about so far?

Give it time. You’re very early on.


I did notice the sprint feature. Nice of this game to actually SHOW it to me, instead of making me do research in the settings like some kind of nerd. Ha.

Good thought re: taking pictures. Will keep that in mind.


But…..you probably don’t want to USE that sprint very much…..

Cuz irony.


Oh, no, I’ve been sprinting all over. Not all the time, because wandering slowly works too, but if you’ve already been somewhere and want to go back for a minute, or just move on to somewhere else, sprinting is nice.

Sprinting: better than irony.

(Confusing T shirt.)



I’m just gonna say Hmmm a lot for a while here.

We’ll talk. Later.


Yeah, you’ll have to take my usual role, and just say “hm” and be coy.

We’ll manage this unfamiliar situation somehow.


So where ARE you, anyway? What have you done puzzlewise? Did you say you found a boat?


Where am I…um…I don’t know. I’ve been to the orange trees and the desert and the garden of creepily realistic statues in odd poses and the quarry or whatever and the greenhouse…I guess I was most recently at the greenhouse. I found the boat down the hill from there.

The last series of ‘teaching screens’ I had was about how to do the ones with different colored blobs. I don’t know how to do the ones with the blocks. I haven’t really done anything interesting so far.


Ah. Yes. That. That would be the first place you saw the boat.

And you’ve been to the desert? Damn. Stop sprinting. Or stop solving 42357532 puzzles a night.

You have noticed the mechanic of puzzles lighting up wires, yes?



I’m only solving more like…I dunno, 10 puzzles a night? And half of them are the ones that teach you mechanics?

Yes. Definitely wires. And sometimes you can solve something two different ways to light up one of two different wires, and you have to think “does this make a difference? what is that difference? I don’t know right now, I’ll come back to it.”


What indeed….what indeed.

This coy shit is fun.


That’s good, but you need to do more “just wait until you get to the…place, with the…thing.”


Shit you’re right.

Still new to this.