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No real spoilers for anything


Still haven’t played. Rereading recent posts, though. Missed that bit about Amnesia being the Chinese Room.

I have heard that that one is not creepy. It’s fucking terrifying.

I dunno, man. I’m ok with creepy, but I never got the whole wanting to be scared shitless horror thing. It was supposed to be very good….if you’re into that sort of thing. But I am not.

Another reason VR ain’t my bag yet. Apparently, the thing it’s best at is scaring the shit out of you, be it simulating being in a shark tank, or Resident Evil, or whatever.



Horror really isn’t my jam either.

Creepy, sure. Outright terror? I’ll pass.

And yeah, I can see that VR would be useful for horror. But in that case, I’m all the more likely to stay the hell away from VR.


I just remember this, as being one of the most convincing first half of a reviews ever written: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs: The Kotaku Review

Ok. Convinced.

But as for VR, when you think about it, pretty much every game we play would be absolutely terrifying in VR. A dude shooting at Lara Croft? Attacking her with a machete? Sure, it’s action packed, maybe tense, but we don’t play Tomb Raider and go all “AIEE!” But if the shooting and the machete dude was RIGHT THERE attacking US then holy shit nope. The Broodmother from a nice, third person isometric perspective? Fine. Do I want to look at that in some reality? Nope.

So VR. Nope.


Shudder. You’re right. Nope!

Although he does say it’s not THAT horrifying later on…maybe someday if it’s on PS…wait, what am I doing?! NOPE.

And yeah, true, SO MANY THINGS would become terrifying NOPE moments in VR. About the only thing you’d really want to play would be…I dunno…contemplative, soothing games like Rapture.

Bring it.


RAPTURE in VR? You want to turn around in an abandoned church to find weird candles? You want to kick a ball and hear faint children’s laughter? You want to stand amidst a bunch of mattresses, poisoned (I’m sticking with that) tea cups and ghost kids?



Rather than having someone trying to hack me to death with a machete? Yup. I’ll take shudderingly creepy. I mean, I can survive creepy. Being hacked at or shot or falling to my death would probably give me a heart attack eventually.


Oh SHIT I didn’t even think of the falling thing. That would be the double whammy of being terrifying and barf inducing.


So if not Rapture, then…we’d like to use VR to…stroll gently down a smooth path, next to a calm stream, admiring the beauty of the scenery all around us? Picking flowers?

Flower arranging. That sounds about right.


I have heard that one particularly cool VR app is Google Maps. You can fly over everywhere, tromp around your neighborhood like a giant, that sort of thing.

But that’s something that’s fun for, maybe, ten minutes. Hardly worth the price of a VR set……


That does sound fun…for…yeah, about 10 minutes. Maybe VR is going to do big business as rentals for parties.

Pay $50 and everyone at your party can enjoy tromping around in Google Maps! Then send it back in the morning.

No need to own.


It’s funny….as someone who is, admittedly, prone to tech lust, I’ve never had less lust for a tech ever. Except maybe those step counters.


I’m definitely curious about it, but also definitely not going to rush right out and buy it.

Besides, Wired predicts it won’t be cool enough to bother having in your house for several years yet. I’ll go with that.

I have about three basic pedometers (various medical and health related conference swag items), and I never use any of them. It would be a huge waste of money to get a FitBit or something that I would also never use.


Mrs. McP is absolutely addicted to the idea of 10,000 steps. Mrs. McP is a little OCD, as you well know, and no such people should be able to quantify so many aspects of their lives.

There have been nights where she comes home, and walks in circles through the kitchen, living and dining rooms over and over and over while I make dinner, trying to get those steps. And you know I’m not kidding, as you’ve known her a long time.

This is not normal.


I believe you. I believe you.

You know, that’s what Pokemon Go is for…

See, I have some fear that I might BECOME addicted to 10,000 steps, if I allowed myself to become interested in it at all.

Safer to just remain blissfully ignorant.

I suppose maybe VR could be promoted as a fitness tool…get people moving those 10,000 steps while they run away from zombies on a treadmill (or pick flowers! my preference). Or do Farmville.

Don’t tell Mrs. McP that, she’ll make you buy it.


And then SHE’LL steal my PS4 time.

I pretty much stand up the whole time I’m not doing this. I’m good.


You do not need anyone else cutting into your game time.

I walk to and from the T every day–I’m good too.


Oh, and to keep up the theme of talking about random stuff, here’s some WILD INTERNET SPECULATION!

A Small Detail You Might Have Missed In Mass Effect: Andromeda’s New Trailer

I mean, MAYBE I’ll play it.


I did miss that small detail! Now I am inflamed with speculation! OMG!!!!

I might play it. Depends if I finish Horizon Zero Dawn this year.


Way you play, you’ll finish Horizon by the time MEA comes out.

I’ll still be halfway through Day of the Tentacle.


Feb. 28 to March 21? That’s only three weeks! Not likely. Not if Horizon is a big, long game, as promised.

Which, for the sake of having something to sink our teeth into for a good while, we must hope it is.



I’m willing to wait a bit on MEA if I’m doing a big meaty open world game. It’s been a while. And, frankly, after MEA, there isn’t much out there that catches my fancy in terms of big open world stuff. I have a feeling we’ll get a bunch of announcements at E3, next to what will probably be the big XBox scorpio reveal, but I’m planning on Horizon/MEA lasting a good long while.


Yeah, that’s true. If we can make Horizon and MEA last us through the summer or whenever until something else we want comes out, we’re golden.

It’s been fun doing little things in between big games, and I like that chance to try different stuff, but it will be nice to get involved in something major again.


That’s my plan.

Especially if we do that for six, seven months we should be able to add at least a few games to our Steam backlog….uh….from PS+. Then we’ll be cool.

Crap. We’re planning. That never goes well.


Stop! Stop planning! You’ll jinx everything!

Although actually your plan worked out last time, remember? Maybe we’ve entered a new era of effective plans that all work out as intended.

I’m afraid.