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Minor spoilers for King’s Quest


Don’t have all that much. Watched Jr. play Batman and take out a boss without dying once. He’s getting good.

I played King’s Quest for a goodly while, which was highlighted by a truly meta moment. This episode focuses on you, the King of Daventry, reuniting with your estranged teenage son and going on an adventure. So last night, solved the first in a series of puzzles, and the son was all “Hey, aren’t you going to say how well I did?” or something, and your character gives a very paternal lecture, all “Now son, we have only done the first one! There are many trials ahead…[it goes on a good long time]….after all, this is the simplest one! Your generation relies too much on reward for the simplest of things. The adventure should be enough!”

And then a trophy popped for finishing the puzzle.

Which was pretty damn sweet. Well played, King’s Quest, well played.


Ha! Nice. I like to see a bit of amusing meta in a game.

I don’t have anything either, because Mr. O’ was playing Tomb Raider. And, you know, that’s great, it’s nice to be able to share the pleasure of a a game I’ve enjoyed, etc. etc., but…I was using that console!

I’ve gotten spoiled with him not playing anything, so I get to use it whenever I want.

Oh well. Marriage takes work and sacrifice, as they say.

And tonight is my turn to play, so I’ll see if I can get to your Yellow Box.


It was a nice touch. Good use of trophy. Especially as they were kinda mocking the whole idea of trophies, which do deserve to be mocked.

Marriage: Doesn’t it just?

You gotta start hiding the disks. Only way.

Is he into the idea of Horizon?

Yellow Box or the….you know…..other….stuff…..


Nope. There is no other stuff. The Yellow Box is my sole focus in life.

Sole. Focus. Forever.

You’re the one who was all pro-Yellow Box, man.

“Yellow box yellow box yellow box! There’s always a yellow box!” you kept saying.

He seems meh on Horizon, and to be pretty much keeping Andromeda as his next big thing instead, but he might get into it if it looks interesting while I’m playing it. As it seems that it may, if it’s as good as we’re determined to positively think. (It’s gonna be so great!)

Which would be good because we’re going to have potential problems if he doesn’t, because then HE’LL start playing MEA while I’M still playing Horizon, and I’ll be constantly wracked with jealousy and terrified of spoilers, but I suppose that’s the chance we take.

Marriage. Work. Sacrifice. Etc.


There is always a box, and it SHOULD be a focus just…. keep an eye out.

Mr. O’s either raised his standards or has gotten another hobby. Unlike him. He used to play everything.

But it’s for the best. He’ll tear through it in a week or two, as he do, and then when you get around to playing it, the console will be yours.

Would you rather be a day on, a day off? With ME calling to you? No.


Yeah, he’s been focusing on non-game stuff, like work or book-reading or some damn thing. You know, piffling trivia of that nature.

But now he’s getting into RoTR, so he should be back in the fold. He was looking for the Baba Yaga poison last night, so I think he’s moving right along, as he does.


Who has time for that?

He certainly does move right along. He’ll be through before HZD hits.

Speaking of which, now I get it. NOW I get it. Why you were all up into the whole female, red head thing.

Kotaku: Bring On The Horizon: Zero Dawn Cosplay

You were just jealous that The Witcher gave me such a great cosplay character.


Yup. That’s it all right.


See, I know you well enough to know that you probably already have everything you need to do that cosplay already.


Well, I need to get a giant bow like that. The ones I have aren’t nearly as fancy.