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Minor spoilers for things in the Witness, major spoilers for plot points in Day of the Tentacle


I played a bit. Opened/activated the Yellow Box above the quarry. Observed that the laser from the keep seems to change color more than the one from the quarry, shifting from orange to blue…the quarry one seems to stay more blue. Hm.

Wandered off and poked around the town a bit. Finished a series of puzzles that turned on a cord leading into that blue tower, which I can’t get into yet.

That was about it.


You’re killing me here, you know that.

And yes….the lasers do seem to differ in color somewhat.

So that’s….what…..two lasers? Three?


Two lasers. I have limited time, and nigh-unlimited puzzles.

I should go back to the birdsong ones, they were fun until the repetitive chirping started to drive me up the wall. I like the way the puzzle pattern looks kind of like a sound wave. Cute.

I hope all the lasers make a pretty rainbow at the end.


That’s a fun one…..

There are many lasers.

Keep your eyes out on the way….look around…don’t sprint….


I like to sprint. It helps me outrun the Clue Mice who might otherwise catch up to me and point out things, distracting me from my busy schedule of checking out puzzles.


The clue mice are good to outrun.

But not the ammo gnome.

I continued saving the world from tentacles. Froze a hamster, defrosted him in a microwave, had to give him a tiny sweater, you know how it goes. FUNNY! It’s FUNNY! Dammit!

It’s fun. And I have seven hours in, and it was free. Good escapist fun.


Glad you’re enjoying Tentacle! Rock on with that! It sounds funny-ish. Just, you know, not funny enough to make it seem worth my while to try to get into it again. But hey, someone should enjoy it.

Tell me more about the themes, so we can at least get a thoughtful post out of it.

The surprisingly mutable nature of history? The way that historic “heroes” like Washington and Franklin and so forth would be less mythical and more goofy and perhaps even disappointing if one were to actually meet them in person?


That’s good stuff on the founding fathers!

There’s also a beauty contest in it! Yes, the evil tentacle in the future is a despot who likes human beauty contests! (And if that’s not a theme…..) and you have to win it by cheating! (That’s what the fake barf is for!)

Life imitating art imitating life. Like I asked before….is anything funny anymore?

And you use the mummy as your contestant. It wins despite being dead. Which…..well…..you do the themes.


Seriously? The evil tentacle likes beauty contests?


I’m glad I’m not playing that. Can’t handle it. But you carry on.

Nice that the mummy had a role to play, though. Chekov would approve. “If there’s a mummy on the mantelpiece in the first act…”

Good, strong narrative. I appreciate that. But not enough to play it.


Yup. Beauty contests in which human “pets” are entered (cuz the world is run by tentacles, you see), you cheat to win, and everything about the “winner” is fake, from dentures, to a laugh track from a clown balloon to the spaghetti hair.

Pets. Cheating. Fakery. Fooling those that would judge you.


Nothing is funny anymore.



Showmanship. Appearance is everything. Do whatever you have to do to win.

Yeah, not that funny.


OH! And purple tentacle’s super weapon is a shrink ray designed to make humankind too small and weak to resist. Not to better them, but to belittle them into submission.

I kid you not.

Everything has themes, man. Everything.



Oh, and is the tentacle the judge of the beauty pageant? Because that implies that in addition to being made insignificant, humanity has also adopted the evil ruler’s standards: when those in power are fakers, they reward fakery in others, thus elevating liars and schemers like themselves.

This isn’t a theme, it’s a 2×4 of our worst priorities upside the head.


I know. This game was supposed to be funny….. and it was….in the 90s, when things were normal.

Yup. The tentacle judges. OOO! And the prize?

Dinner for two at “Club Tentacle,” which he owns.

You know? Maybe it wasn’t an accident they made this a freebie in the month that Trump was sworn in.


Seriously. Someone was rooting around in the old games section and thought “hey, it sure would be fun to revisit the days when everything about this was ludicrous!”

Political commentary from PS+?

These are dark and ominous times.


Art is commentary, man.


Indeed. And so, perhaps, is picking which art you want to highlight by offering it free on PS+ in January 2017.

Speaking of free, did we have anything this month that I’ve totally missed?


Nothing all that impressive.

We muddle through until Horizon. Another four days.


Muddle it shall be!

Just as well, really. We wouldn’t actually want to get sucked into something that would keep us from flinging ourselves at Horizon like starving robot wolves attacking a delicious robot dinosaur…hm. Was trying to be topical there, but I’m not sure it really works.