No spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn because we’ve barely looked at the box yet


OH MY GOD! IT’S SO AMAZING! Themes everywhere! And they must have gotten the rating wrong cuz it’s chock FULL of naked sorceresses and moody bugs!

That’s not true. I just got back from the store. And Meatball wanted a snack. I haven’t even taken the plastic wrap off.


Yeah, I didn’t get started last night either. Go unwrap your game, man! It’s waiting! I need to hear that it’s awesome!


Well, I watched the intro movie and I’m already hooked. Seriously. You will be, too. MAN have I missed games like this. We’re overdue.

It’s fucking GORGEOUS. THIS is why I got a pro/4K set up. I mean, it’s not just colors and pixels. I have often marveled at the advances lighting has made in games (see TW3) and this just blows everything else away. Again.

Though….here’s a thing we can actually discuss.

There seems to be a trend now, at least one I’ve noticed with Life is Strange and Rapture, and now this: defaulting to the subtitles being on. I do not LIKE subtitles. I find them distracting, as I tend to reflexively read them even if I do not have to. This makes me miss what’s actually going on.

And this….you don’t get to the options screen to turn the things off until after the intro movie. So I really watched the movie twice: the first time when it played right when you start the thing up, then again after I had the chance to turn the subtitles off so I could watch it properly.

I did the same with Life is Strange and Rapture.

This didn’t used to be the case, did it?

It’s annoying.


SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!! I’m psyched it’s awesome!

Um…I think I don’t feel well…I should probably go home for the day to rest…

I know what you mean about subtitles. I don’t like them either, because I also compulsively read them and get distracted. I don’t find them annoying to the point that I re-watched the opening of Rapture, but I did turn them off as soon as I could.

It’s weird because I totally don’t mind them in movies where they’re serving the purpose of providing an English translation to something I don’t understand–I barely even notice them. But somehow the fact that I’m listening to something I DO understand, and reading it at the same time, is much more confusing to my brain. Maybe because it’s faster to read than talk, so I’ve finished reading the line before the person finishes saying it and then you’re just left waiting for them to finish…I dunno.

Anyway, I fully support their existence for those who need them, and I guess it’s arguably easier for those who don’t need them to try to ignore them through the opening sequences and only rewatch it if they want, than for those who need them to be pretty much REQUIRED to rewatch in order to know what was going on, but I still agree they’re annoying.

It should maybe just be an option as soon as you even load the disc: Subtitles on/off. Then everyone gets the experience they want from the beginning.

I don’t know about larger trends in this area, but I do remember that Oblivion opened with subtitles (I remember turning them off as soon as I got through the intro sequence, as one does), and that came out in 2007, so some games have been doing it for a while.


Well, the intro movie is pretty awesome. You can turn off the subtitles in OPTIONS. If you want to watch it again that’s in EXTRAS. Those are in the MENU. You never check.

I haven’t actually played anything yet. But good intro.

You so should go home. Patch is small, too. Don’t forget to redeem your preorder bonus code!

This scene is worth rewatching. It is.

I totally agree that subtitles on English dialogue are extra distracting.

Though games also have the annoying habit of putting the name of the person speaking them in the subtitle. It isn’t just what is being said, but it’s “Bob: how ya doing? Kevin: Waiting for the bad guy.” Which is even more off putting, especially in an intro movie when you have no idea who the fuck is who.

What’s so weird is that it GIVES you the option to pick what language you want the thing in before the opening movie. I figure, if it gives you one option, why not more? Strange choice. I mean, ask “What language?” then have “Subtitles on/off.” Easy.

Oblivion? Huh. I never noticed it until recently. I think Life is Strange was the first one that really stood out. Maybe because that game started with such action (the tornado, storm, noise, etc.) that having words pop up was really jarring.


I am optimistic. As goes the intro, so shall go the rest of the game. Straight into awesomeness.

Thinking positive!

Very true, you do pick the language right off, so the subtitles would seem easy enough to add to that menu.

Maybe there’s a clandestine Subtitle Lobby working to make sure we get exposed to some minimum level of subtitles in every bit of media, for their own nefarious purposes. Probably hiding subliminal messages in the font choices.

OK, that got a little off track.


You can’t get that weird yet! It’s only Wednesday!

It is a good hook, this movie. It is.

In honor of Nugget’s birthday, maybe I’ll give him the present of watching me play some.

Just cuz I’m nice that way. No other motive.


I know, I know, I need to keep calm. I’m just all worked up about having a new game.

Letting Nugget watch you play is a very generous present. You should totally do it. I’m sure he will long cherish the memory, especially if you let him watch for, say, three hours.

[Cough cough] I really don’t feel well at all…


You look a little green (I’m sure). Probably terribly contagious.

If you get home and Mr. O is camped out in front of it, two hours in, I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

And yeah! EXTREME generosity!

Is he old enough for mild sexual themes? Probably not. But the alcohol reference should be ok, right?


Ah, but maybe he’s not old enough to notice the mild sexual themes! So you’re fine!

Plus, what are the odds the sexual themes will turn up right away? You probably have to work on the romance or something.

Also, no worries, it’s addressed to me, and Mr. O’ won’t open my mail. We take mail theft very seriously in our house. So no one gets that game until I get there.

It was quite impractical of me, really, not to have it addressed to him, because then he could have at least loaded the patch and turned off the subtitles, but I wasn’t thinking.


Man, I open Mrs. McP’s mail all the time. Throw away her catalogs before she spends money, etc.

And the patch ain’t no thang. Like, 250 mb. Takes no time at all.

Took me longer to find the probably useless preorder bonus code.


Yeah! I should have made him find the pre-order code!

Siiigh. Instead, I’ll have to waste MY precious evening game time on it. At least the patch is nothing.


No Nora trappers kit for you.

That’s really what you get.


I…can’t wait?

I mean, I guess that’s possibly useful? Assuming you can use it to trap things? Maybe ROBOT DINOSAURS!

Thinking positive.


Hey, man, what did you expect, a dismembered bikini torso? Had to go with the collector’s edition for that.