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Some minor spoilers for early Horizon Zero Dawn plot points


Well, I didn’t do the proving. Again.

Now, loyal readers are used to me saying “I didn’t do something…again…” because I got distracted by hockey or booze or having to feed my family (priorities), but this time it was the game’s fault. Again.

Two days in a row! I’m all “Oh I’m going to PROVE shit, man!” and first a sawtooth, then A WHOLE LOT OF TALKING.

But talk I did. Said kinda sorta good bye to Rost (I picked “I’ll track you…I’ll find you….”), met the dude I saved (I thought he was gonna be a bigger character than that….maybe he will….), got some stuff, listened to the old lady’s story to the kids in its entirety (did you? Of course you did….we’ll talk…later), met the dude with the yellow focus, met the sassy flirty love child of Geralt and Zoltan (Erand even SOUNDS like a cross between Geralt and Zoltan) (He’s so into us), listened to his voluminous set up of the story, called it a day.

The next thing I have to do is “Go to the blessing” which means the proving is, what, about nineteen game hours away, right?

That sure is a whole mess of story being set up.


Damn it, I DIDN’T listen to the old lady’s story! I listened to the singers on the stage for a while…missed the old lady. Tell me the story I missed!

It’s true, there’s a whole mess of set up here. But you’re close! Fairly close!

Ha. Very close, really.

I picked ” I understand” with Rost. Figured I could always hunt him down later anyway, right?


Ok. So she’s telling the story to the kids. Much of it is how you’d imagine: The people of old, the “faithless,” build the machines to serve them, but then they ended up serving the machines, yeah yeah yeah, but then it got interesting: A machine rose to rule the machines and the faceless: The “Metal Devil.” And the faithful clung to the mountainside, etc. etc. and KILLED the Metal Devil, which infuriated the machines and…get this…the Faithless, who still covet the lands of the faithful etc. etc. etc. story myth story myth. So two interesting takeaways that you might already know: There was a big assed overlord machine, that was killed but has possibly been rebuilt, and there SEEM to be other humans out there, still very much alive, in the thrall of machines and technology. Now, whether there really ARE living tech humans, or they’re the bogeymen in the story (“You could become like them unless you are vigilant to the Faith” or whatever) was vague. I think they were probably a bogeyman. I mean, if there were tech humans with tech, who wanted these lands, then why not just come in with guns and planes and shit and take it? Why fuck around? But it was vague. Very vague, indeed.

And well done, because it started rather predictably. “Men built metal machines….they became dependent upon them….” A player could’ve very easily have said “Yeah yeah yeah, heard it. Read that story. Yup.” and moved on, and missed the juicy bits.

That said, if there is a “Metal Devil” I’m sure I’ll find out about eventually, story or no, as it will likely try to kill me and I’ll have to kill it, but it was still well done.


I’ll so go on strike if I’m not close.

We’ll see if the dialogue choice matters. I wanted to stay in character. She doesn’t understand, dammit!

I sort of wish I hadn’t checked who the actress was, because when she does do the pissed off teenager thing, I just hear Chloe.


Interesting indeed! I didn’t even think “yeah, yeah, heard it before,” I just missed the old lady entirely. Score nothing for my ability to pay attention.

But yeah, that’s a very interesting story. Sheds some interesting light on…stuff. I’ll say no more.

You should strike, man! Everyone should strike! I’ll cheer you on.


You and your sprinting!

Yeah, I figure there’d be….stuff. I doubted that it was one of those things that if you missed it, you missed, like 17% of the plot. They generally don’t do that in easily missable side things.

Too much to do. Too busy to stick it to the man. The man is holding me down, man.


That is the man’s normal mode of action.

Played some. Did some plot stuff and some side stuff. Picked some flowers. Good times. No old lady stories.