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Very minor location spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn. And for the Blood and Wine expansion of the Witcher 3.


Played more! Because Mrs. McP wanted to see the dinos.

Went after the war chief there, which, of course, took me right by a GIANT ROBOT DINOSAUR! And I got a few datapoints, back story, corporations running for office, that, too, was probably funnier a year ago when this was in development…..

Found the war chief, stopped.

But holy shit that giant robot dinosaur….

I know we have a lot to chew on already today, because it’s amazing how much we have to say about games when we actually play them, but I’ll throw something else out there:

This game does nothing new. Seriously. That find willowwhatever mission? A jump and shimmy to get to the place deal that we’ve done in UC and TR etc. Running/riding/killing dinos? Picking how to attack them? Give her a grey dye job it’s the Witcher. Climbing a tall thing to open up the map? If she had rappelled into a haystack it was any of 92749 AC games.

And yet, it all FEELS so damn new. I never feel like I’ve done all this before, despite the fact I really kinda have. (Note: I am not talking about the world. The world is awesome. I’m talking about the gameplay.)

Is it as simple as “robot dinosaurs?”

I mean, I will say that sound/visuals was so very key in climbing that thing. The whole time, the background is moving, and the BOOM of its footsteps was so great at building tension. You never got that climbing steeples in AC. So is that it? Distracting us from a common mechanic with sound and stuff?

I dunno.

But they’ve certainly made everything old new again.


Yes! Everyone should see the robot dinosaurs! Invite the neighbors! Happy to play this game, for the edification of one and all. Just trying to help here.

And like you, I loved the tallneck. It’s so huge and majestic, and the sound and vibration of the footsteps, its swaying gait, alien but also animal-like and strangely serene–it’s just cool. And as you said, even though we’ve climbed things a million times, climbing this thing FELT different. The light is amazing, also: I climbed it around dawn, and so I’m going up, leaping from rung to rung, while the light spreads over the sky…it was pretty sweet. I was glad to see there’s a whole category for tallnecks in the ‘notebook’ section, so presumably we’ll get to climb more of them.


Oh MAN the light.  (I could mention the whole Pro/4K thing but it’s been done.) And I guarantee that we’ll find more of them.  I got a trophy for “unlocked first tallneck,” which would mean there’s gonna be a second, and third, etc.
I’m digging this game, I am.

I could have added “Oh, and riding a fucking robot dinosaur is the best thing ever in the history of ever,” but it went without saying.

I will admit, I have, twice so far, upon calling my mount, said, out loud, “C’mere, Roach.”

I’m not proud.


Roach is the ONLY name for a robot dinosaur you can ride. I also found another kind I can ride!

Which is also Roach.

Ha–I don’t think I mentioned that in the last Witcher 3 expansion, when you’re stuck inside a book of fairy tales, you get a unicorn to ride. Geralt obviously names it Roach.


In the upcoming stand alone gwent game that’ll take over my life the Roach card is Geralt looking up at Roach who is on the roof of a house.

Gotta love glitch awareness.


Ha! That’s incredibly awesome. This is why I stay away from gwent. I can’t afford that kind of distraction.