No spoilers, but some discussion of reviews for Mass Effect: Andromeda


We do have something else to talk about because the reviews for MEA are in and, well, let’s say I’m no longer worrying about finishing Horizon quickly to get to wonderful bioware goodness. They’re mixed. Gamespot gave it but a 6. It’s currently sitting at a 75 on metacritic (horizon is at 88), so it’s not a disaster, but…. I didn’t really read the reviews, as I want to go in open minded, but they say that “dull characters” seem to be a problem. This from the series that brought us Garrus, Mordin and Jack!

I’m slightly concerned.

We’re still gonna play it, though, right?


It will be unfortunate if we don’t love MEA as much as its predecessors, but I’m not going to cancel my order based on reviews I’m not going to read, so yeah, we’ll still play it. Remember, I played Assassin’s Creed for about three games past where I really loved it, so it takes a lot to drive me away.

Especially if there’s a possibility for a brooding love interest. Dull or not, a heavily armored and angsty romantic partner will probably be worth tuning in for.

Also, Amazon sent a message saying that it’s shipped. Too late to cancel that one!

I mean, I could always send it back unopened, but…no. That wouldn’t happen.


And if we don’t love it, we can always blog about why. Indeed, we shall.

But…I think reviews can be skewed based on expectations. “Not as good as the first” is an unfair reason to lose points. A game horizon probably got points for being new. It would be nuts to think a game had to exceed me2 to be good.

Even more, we tend to think older things were better. The original trilogy was flawed. It had some glaring flaws. And yet, we have this hype about this being the next entry in a series of holy scriptures of gaming. We forget the blah dialog, the icky voice acting of man shep, the linear level design. We tend to make very good things we enjoyed at the time flawless in our memories, then criticize new thinks for not being as good as our incorrect memories.

So I’m still open minded.

But it’s gonna have a tough act to follow as we’re playing Horizon.


It’s true. We remember loving a thing, and can forget that we didn’t actually love everything about it. I did love ME2! But it wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t love every single frame, and I can still enjoy things despite not loving every single frame.

Even if this is a DA2-level game (ah, how people hated on DA2! but I thought it wasn’t terrible, and had some fun stuff in it), we’ll enjoy some things about it, and then we’ll complain at great length about what we don’t enjoy, and that’s the beautiful cycle of life.


It is that. I LIKED DA2. I did! We’ll play it.

And if ME2 got reviewed today, with the tunnel levels with crates to hide behind every five feet, and the icky lead voice acting, it would take hits.


We’ll play it. It’ll be fine, even if it’s not the best thing we’ve ever played. Not everything can be, after all.