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No spoilers


OK, I have Mass Effect. We’re committed now.

At least it has nudity and STRONG sexual content. The other ones just had partial nudity (that is, full backal nudity) and sexual content.

It has that going for it.


STRONG sexual content!?

Screw this weak-ass T for Teen nonsense, I’m opening MEA as soon as I get home.

Just kidding. I’ll let Mr. O’ get ahead of me and romance all the dull but attractive aliens first. Sigh.


STRONG content. Non partial nudity!

‘Bout time.

Can I hold out hope that the Uncharted game with Chloe has both?


You can hold out that hope, but I’m going to be secretly betting against you. Just because of history and the odds and all.


It would sell SO much better.


They just don’t know their market, I guess.


I can smell the sarcasm from here.

You’d so have gone for naked Nathan. Though Sam might have been more your type. Had he been a bug.


You’re right, I would have. MALE NUDITY NOW!

Sam…meh. He wasn’t angsty enough. I mean, he had a checkered past, no doubt about it, but he didn’t really BROOD over that past. He was totally fine with it for the most part. I seem to prefer someone who’s a bit more tormented.

And wears a LOT more armor. That leather jacket is not going to cut it.


So picky. I’m far easier.


I won’t apologize for having standards!

Even very weird standards.