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Extremely minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


A good thing about Horizon: This is one I’ve deemed kid watchable. They’ve already seen a bunch, which is the only reason I’m out of the hinterlands. Meatball was stomping around pretending to be a tallneck yesterday.


True–it is pretty kid-watchable, especially when you’re only killing machines. So there’s an advantage to that T rating! At least you can be sure there won’t be unexpected nudity suddenly popping up.

Oh, and in answer to a previous question some days ago about whether the collectibles are relevant to the story, or just stuff: there are informational collectibles like the data points (oh, I went back to the ruins! I know what I have to do with the fuel cell, but since it’s a level 25 quest, I think I’ll just…not get around to it for a while), but there are also some items that you supposedly can turn over to someone in Meridian (where I, like you, have yet to go) in exchange for money. I mean metal shards.

Hey–there ARE shards in this!


No random nudity is a mixed blessing.


HA! Shards! But they have a point here!

The power cell thing sorta undermines my ‘this game takes you places in order’ thing, because I was clicking through shit on the quest list to see what was where and that quest is, like, right there. By the hunting grounds, the little town with the young healer, etc. So I was all “hey, what’s this icon and I’m leaving.” Odd they plopped such a high level quest so soon in the thing.


Yeah, getting that high-level quest at that point was an interesting decision. Maybe they just mean it to reassure you that you’ll be coming back here later and this area will still be around, so you don’t have to completely obsess over doing every single thing RIGHT NOW BEFORE I MOVE ON…not that this is about me, ahem.

But it does serve to tell us, “hey, relax, you can come back later and gather these collectibles, this area isn’t going anywhere.” Not that I listen.


Or the quest levels are messed up. But I’m not jumping down the hole to find out.


I fell down the hole by accident while backing away from a machine! Very nicely reminiscent of what happened when I fell into the first one as a kid. I totally planned it that way. Ahem.

Anyway, I can testify that you can go to that ruin and look around a little without triggering whatever makes the quest 25th level. I don’t know what that is. Maybe a really big robot dinosaur? Just wild speculation there.

I poked around, said “aha, now I know what to do when I come back,” and left. I’m not ready to tackle a really big robot dinosaur (or whatever) yet. I ran into an 18th level thing and got squashed several times. 25 is way over my head.


Well, you still got squashed.

I’m still level 8 or 9. 9, I think. And I’m playing on hard, because I am. You wimp.

So I’ll take my time.


Hey, I was only 10 when I ran into the 18th level thing. Even on normal, there’s no shame in not being able to easily surmount that difference.

I’m only 13 now, man. I’m taking my time! I’m not even that far ahead of you.


Wow. I figured you’d be, like, 47 or so by now.

You know, in the journal, there’s a convenient stats page that gives you “percent complete,” which I kind of dig. You also get time played when you make a manual save. I’m at about 8 hours, 12% complete.

Even if I only get to about 80%, as one does, that’s a long game, man.


Ooh, I missed the percent complete feature. I’ll have to check it out. If I remember.

I also keep forgetting to look at the time played, but I will check that out as well if I can manage to remember.

So basically, don’t hold your breath.


Oh I don’t expect you to actually do it. It’s in the options menu.

You know this game has a sprint button?


Yes, because it told me onscreen early on and I didn’t have to look for it.

It’s annoying, though. I’m always pushing forward without holding down, or vice versa, and it doesn’t work. And when it does work, it makes my thumb tired.

Which I suppose is a tiny nod to realism…it’s HARD WORK having to run nonstop! My thumb-weariness is a symbol of Aloy’s increasing exhaustion!