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Some minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn:  monster types, data points, plot questions


Played a little, but mostly magpied. Found a couple of very funny datapoints advertising game stuff (pre order now for a golden pommel for your sword for the goblin mine!) and ways to make sure your focus helps you out when you’re drunk. Climbed that tower JUST to take that picture. Seriously. Then tried to get up to Red Echo to keep up with the main story, which mostly consisted of a lovely nighttime stroll through a beautiful woods shooting the random turkey, followed by me saying “The FUCK is THAT?” and running a lot. Bellowbacks? Shit. So I ran, and then I saw something on my compass I didn’t recognize. “Maybe that’ll be interesting,” I say, and I track towards it. Up, up I go.

It’s a “corrupted area.” And gives me a level 18 quest.

I do not want to BE in a corrupted area.

So I ran. And I get to a bluff and there’s two damn sawtooths (sawteeth?) prowling around below me.

So I ran.

I eventually got to where I was going, but it was time to stop.

The picture and the stroll were nice, though.

Corrupted area? The fuck?


Bellowbacks! Yeah, those are nasty. And did you notice it says “Fire Bellowback”? (Assuming it’s the same area where I met them first). Yeah, I just learned last night that that does indeed mean there are also…other types of bellowback. Yippee.

I did many of the same things a few levels ago. What the hell is that? Run! The level 18 corrupted area smacked me down a number of times before I gave up and ran off, though. Not a welcoming place, that. You were right to leave immediately.

The picture was very nice. I almost took a picture of me riding another Roach, but forbore because I didn’t want you to mock my HUD, which I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything with. See, Mr. O’ also commented on how he found it rather intrusive (watching over my shoulder), but I honestly don’t even really see it. My intensely narrow focus on the middle of the screen aids and abets my pathological unwillingness to look at options.

I’ve been mostly magpieing as well. A few side quests. Collectibles. I’m sort of slowly moving in the direction of following the main quest, but with a lot of distractions along the way.

Remember how the matriarch told us that being a seeker meant that “if you see anyone in need within the sacred lands, you may help them as well”? Well, you just never know when one of these points on the map may lead to a person in need. I just want to be sure to help everyone I can!


Speaking of the matriarch, mostly unrelated thought:

Here’s a thing now that I know more about Aloy’s origin: Why did she think her mother abandoned her? That seems specific. Did Rost give her some other story? What was she told? And by whom? And why?

Cuz there’s some funk. Why did they GIVE her to Rost? The matriarchs didn’t just plop her under a tree for someone to find. They gave her to Rost. And, to drive home the funk, why, in Aloy’s dream sequence there, did Rost momentarily morph into that matriarch in apparent pain?

So many QUESTIONS! Which will probably be answered in the sixth or seventh game.


Very good questions about Aloy’s origins. We don’t know! We don’t know the reasons for anything! And yes, we will probably learn the answers with the 2025 release of “Horizon: Seven Dawn.” (I mean, they’re going to keep counting, right? Ha. Or maybe they’ll go through the day, and it’ll be “Horizon: Zero Late Afternoon.”)


I’d so play that. Horizon: Zero Tea Time. Horizon: Zero That Time in the Afternoon You Always Need a Nap…


Horizon Zero Teatime: The Hunt for Earl Grey.