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Some machine and location spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


So I had a teeny tiny amount of playing time, and I was GOING to go to that corrupted zone and move “Seeker at the Gates” forward, I was. I was charging that way, and I got distracted. Not by a map icon or anything, no. But by a circle of stones. Right off the road there was this little stonehenge like thing. A “henge” if you will, made of this bullet shaped reddish stones with a different carving on each. “Well,” thought I, “THAT must mean something.” So I spent WAAAAAY too long focusing on shit, and trying to get other shit to do something, and pondering the carvings and trying to make sense of it all before I realized that I had very little game time.

And I couldn’t get anything to do anything or anything to pop up on focus or anything.

So I wasted all this time, and gave up.

But then, killed a thing with the crate on its back and got loot, and a couple of grazers, and then got into the swarm of watcher hell that I just ran from, and ran right into the corrupted zone that I was SUPPOSED to be at anyway, was sort of upset it was a village, found the campfire, quit.

The worst distraction is a pointless distraction.


But at least I’m at the interesting place, and will, therefore, certainly do it next. Unless I get distracted.


A henge, eh? I don’t think I’ve come across that. If I had, I would certainly have wasted some time on it, just as you describe. So hey, thanks for doing that for me!

When I find a henge of reddish brown stones, I will merely scoff and keep going. Or maybe there’s a quest there at some point, and things will only show up on the focus if we know what we’re looking for?

Anyway, at least you got some loot. Loot is good.

I played some. Actually advanced the story, for a wonder, and collected some side quests, and visited a vantage point (there’s definitely a story there–I just found a hint that that guy knew something about the then-pending apocalypse, so that promises to be interesting background detail). Good stuff.

Climbed another tallneck. (After two failed tries, so…one can miss.) I really like the tallnecks. Even though in practical terms they’re just collectible climbing challenges that don’t even do much for you (I mean, you could just make those parts of the map visible by walking there, if you were so inclined), they’re so ponderous and majestic…it’s just cool. I saw it in the distance while on an unrelated quest and wasn’t intending to be going that way, but I had to drop everything and go climb it.


Ah, man, I was gonna screenshot it for you but I thought “Well, DUH, she goes everywhere and she’ll be all ‘oh yeah, saw that weeks ago.'” Live and learn.

It was right by mother’s whatever. Cradle? The one where seeker at the gates all happens. That one. Like, right past it.

Nothing against mothers, but they really should’ve made the place names more distinct.

Maybe it’ll mean something sometime. It certainly looked like it was something. I mean, we see houses from time to time, and I think they’re just there for decor. THIS looked like something. Which probably means it’s there for decor.

Well, that vantage dude dates all of his entries with “Apocashitstorm day whatever,” which sure seems to imply that he knows the apocalypse is happening/about to happen/just happened. And “Happening,” which I think is likely, means this wasn’t a big, single event, like nuclear war, say, but more of a process, like the fungus thing in TLOU. Which is interesting.

Tallnecks are a truly wonderful mechanic. Especially now that I know you can fail them. That gives them more of a sense of urgency and danger, as climbing a giant, walking, ancient dinosaur probably would give one.

I also love the sound of them. The fact you can hear the boom of them from so far away just drives home the serious nature of the beasts. They aren’t just squeaky watchers. No no. They are BIG man. And they tower over everything mankind has built.

Metaphor. Cool, giant dinosaur metaphor.


Ha! Good point, he does reference the apocalypse in the audio, doesn’t he? I’d kind of forgotten that when I got all excited about his vague hints of “these people going about their business not knowing what’s about to happen.”

I was all “ooh, this text is proof that he knew what was about to happen!” But yeah, the ‘Apocashitstorm Tour’ thing kind of gave that away already. And, as you say, the fact that he has time to go on a tour before it all really ends does suggest that it’s a process…unless he’s just looking forward to some giant event that only he knows is going to happen. Hm. Further installments of his tour may provide the answer.

You can indeed fail to jump on the tallneck. I leaped, missed the neck-step, and fell ignominiously to the ground, where I was crushed under its foot. It was a proud moment.

Then the next time I tried I fell but wasn’t crushed, so at least I was able to get up and try again. I blame all these watchers and things that were swarming around. I’m just trying to stealthily climb a tallneck, and they’re all bustling around spoiling for a fight.

Oh–and remember how I needed a bellowback heart to get the purple-class armor? Well, I got a bellowback heart, hastened to a merchant, and got the message “are you sure you want to buy another one of these?”

I was already wearing the purple armor. Siiiiiiiigh. All the levels look the same! But so much for my blaming my failure to live up to the assigned challenge ratings on bad armor.

And now I have this random bellowback heart I don’t even care about. Siiiiiigh.


OH THE IRONY! And the OH that you don’t know that that little backpack you see next to whatever it is the merchant is selling means you already have one.

Ah….wait….I got the opinion that the vantage points I found happened AFTER whatever it was that happened, happened. Not so much “Nothing has happened yet, but I know it will.” I sort of read it as “Ok….the zombie epidemic (metaphorically) has started but not everyone is a zombie yet….let’s take one last go ’round.” But I could be wrong.

Stupid watchers. It’s not like we’re attacking their big ol’ friend. What have they got against us?


But I DO know about the little backpack! I just didn’t notice it when I looked at the item to see what kind of heart I needed. Siiiiiigh.

In my defense, we have a small TV, and the little backpack is very little. I’m going with that.

Hm…the last vantage point stuff I read, there was a definite tone of “these people I see going about their lives have no idea what’s going to happen”…although, maybe it’s both: maybe he recorded some before and some during/after the whatever.

Perhaps we shall know more anon! We can only hope.


Oh I take your word for it. I’ve only found, like, three or four.

The backpack is all the more reason you need that 4K, dude. Without 4K that must look like nothing more than a blob.


There are many more. This dude really got around the mid-west. Nice of him, really, to leave us some story.

In the face of a pending apocalypse, always take time to leave some records for people a thousand years from now. Because they’ll TOTALLY still be speaking and reading your language. (Though I suppose we can imagine that the focus translates for Aloy.)


When I leave my messages for future tribal mutant civilizations, I’ll do half of them with a British accent.

Just in case.


Good thinking. One can’t be too careful about these things.


Maybe a few with a French accent in case they’re found by the next civilization over.


And if not, they could do a whole quest taking them to the next civilization over to be translated! We have to consider the quest needs of the future.