Minor King’s Quest spoiler


I got nothing. I figured you being in meetings today gave me clearance to fall asleep watching sports.

Well, did play a little King’s Quest, which continues to get more melancholy. Really deals with family and aging in really good ways, if sad ones. This chapter is “looking back.” Good stuff. Play it if you have time. Ha.

Though in the “characters talking for us” vein, as we have said about Aloy, the main character, last night, said (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) “Ah! A randomly placed item to add to my inventory!”



Sounds moody and thoughtful. And amusing. I’ll totally play it as soon as I finish with everything else I’m playing or planning to play.



You’d like it.

Stupid jobs and chores and time.


Hey! I resent the implication that I like stupid things!

Given that it’s based solely on my long history of obsessively doing stupid chores in games, I find this unfair, and indeed inappropriate to even bring up.


No, man, I meant “These stupid jobs and chores we have in real life mean we don’t have enough time to play all the games!”

I’m keeping it short cuz you’re working. I know you are used to seriously more verbosity. I apologize.


Oh, right.

That is a legitimate interpretation of your statement. I blame trying to pay attention to librarian stuff while typing.

Also, my long history of obsessively completing stupid chores in games.

I mean, non-quest-related value-add objectives which are totally fun.