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Minor combat-related spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


Well…..that escalated quickly.

I would SAY I played last night, but really, I died last night. Repeatedly. Quickly and repeatedly.

Aloy starts out all “So this is what’s past the sacred lands….[insert monologue]” and I was all “Why, yes. What is past the sacred lands is that thing that will kill me and those things that will kill me and a whole BUNCH of those things that will kill me…..”

Basically, if I get seen by a glinthawk, I die.

But I trucked through. Found the hunting ground with the rather odd guy who no one likes (I thought he was funny) and decided to hunt some shit to get better at not dying. Didn’t go well. Pretty much got better at dying.

But eventually I got a sun! I tied down some tramplers (another thing that kills me) and the dude was all “Only one more half sun and you can get into the lodge!” and I thought “For realsies? That would be PROGRESS!” So I fast traveled back to the easy assed hunting grounds, blew the shit out of some grazers (Which do NOT kill me), got the blazing sun, and the dude was “Now you can get into the lodge!” and Aloy was all “I can get into the lodge in Meridian….we’ll see how that goes…” and I was all “Hooray I did something productive tonight!”

But then I felt really productive, so I found my first two metal flowers (weird things, those. The poety? That they were for “seed germination?” Live giving machines? Or not?), went into the bunker there with the level 25 quest and put my power coil in a slot only to find I need another….which I am now obsessed with cuz I REALLY REALLY REALLY want that armor (I was trying to find a metal flower there. Didn’t.)

And then I decided I couldn’t live in the Nora lands forever, so I trucked back to the road to Meridian, sneaked, died, etc. until I came to a weird little Carja outpost where no one was really doing anything but it had a campfire and nothing trying to kill me so I saved there.

I know I was bitching the other day about save points that plop you right in the shit as soon as you load, but now I think that’s kinda cool. I mean, there I was last night, on a long road, with many a threat, at NIGHT even, looking for a place to save/bed down, and each time I was like “Is this safe? Is there a safer place ahead? Do I risk it?” and the relief I felt when I found where I found was real. That’s pretty realistic, and that’s cool.


Well, die and learn, my friend. Die and learn.

A blazing sun, though! I’m impressed! The best I’ve gotten is one full sun. I did get a couple of half suns, so I am able to visit the club in Meridian. We’ll talk about that later.

I looked all over for the metal flower next to those ruins, too! I did find it, but I fell into the ruins along the way. Put the one fuel cell in, haven’t been back.

Good point about the added tension and realism of not being sure if a place is safe to camp. Because it’s true, in that world, one WOULD be pretty tense.


I wish I learned. I didn’t learn much, except “Don’t let glinthawks see you.” Oh, and “Corrupted Fire Bellowbacks are bad.” Also, “Chargers are bad.” And, oh yeah, “Tramplers are bad as well.”

We can talk about the club later because I MADE PROGRESS!

Blast wires are pretty neat. They took out them grazers like THAT.

Useless against glinthawks.

And yeah, the flower was my motivation. But I REALLY want that armor. VERY MUCH want that armor. Because I keep dying.

It would make one tense! Especially not knowing if there were bad things ahead.

Love it when a game puts you in the characters shoes like that.

Oh, you know how a while ago I was all “Well, I only have one data point to talk about in terms of societies”?

Well, in Daytower there, I found that datapoint where the Carja dude went to the Osram or whoever, and was describing them as drunken, disgusting boors.

Now, that is a skewed data point to be sure. But then, the way the Nora describe the Carja is skewed as well. Sure, the war was bad, but wars skew.

I’m guessing we’re gonna go to wherever the Osram or whoever are, yes? Yes.


Blast wires! More tricks I need to try! I think I used them once and nothing walked over them, so obviously they don’t ever work for anything.

I should go back to get that armor too. I also keep dying. Tramplers are still bad–I’m pretty much waiting until I can override them before I go anywhere near them, and that’s not working out that well since I’ve yet to find another cauldron.

Good point: the skewed views of each tribe for the other tribes is interesting. Obviously, every group has its impressions of the other groups.

I am possibly about to go to Oseram lands…sometime when I’m done collecting mugs.


SO much better than shock wires. They just make grazers blow up. But that’s just grazers. I gotta try it on tramplers.

And yeah, I want to go back for the armor but I don’t have a second power cell. If and when I get one, I’m there. I haven’t even seen a second power cell. The only places that might even have one are the first ruin (which did), the cauldron (which didn’t) and the place itself. Those are the only bunker type things I’ve found.

Figured when I found the description of the Oseram, I’d be there at some point. Later. Should be interesting.