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Minimal spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn location


Stop me if you’ve heard this one….

I was going to go to Meridian. I was. Really. But I was at this crossroad…and there was a little village on the map…the other way….

So that’s the way I went.

I went through this huge canyon which was pretty cool, and killed some machines, as one does, and emerged from the canyon only to find a thunderjaw. Wanted none of that, so sneaky sneaky around it (took a while), then a longleg site (more sneaky), but got there. Was a place called “Lone Light.” And it was a friendly place! No one trying to kill me, a merchant, that sort of thing. Couple of interesting data points, one about the Banuk, one about the Old Ones. Interesting the one about the old ones mentioned other tribes, some from far, far away that the Carja know next to nothing about.

Did you notice that one seemed to be from the plains? Like, the part of North America to the east of Denver? Past where the map, you know, ends? I smell a sequel….

But you know what this friendly little place DIDN’T have? Side quests! Not a exclamation point to be found. Little villages ALWAYS have side quests! That’s why we GO to little villages!

I don’t really see the point of these little villages. We’ve come across campfires with merchants by them lots, and, really, that’s all this village was in a practical sense. A save point, a merchant and….what? Buildings. some dudes playing music. But that was it.

Hardly worth a map icon at all. But whatever. Interesting, sequel setting datapoints.

Then I found a metal flower, which we MUST talk about sometime and got back on the road to Meridian, fought some broadheads and the ungrateful bandits you mentioned, saved.

I’m going. Really I am. Really.



I’ve heard that one! Repeatedly! But apparently I really love it, because I keep playing it over and over.

About every other time I play.