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Minor spoilers for a scene in the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine


Irregularly scheduled Friday derailment post!

What’s the matter with us? We haven’t derailed at all lately. Our conversation has been smart and thoughtful.

Johnson physics! Nudity! Booze!


Well, ok then!

Good Video Game Sex Scenes Are Hard To Make – kotaku.com

How’s that? Better?

It is rather interesting that they mocapped a sex scene in a pool to simulate zero gravity in Blood and Wine.

Also, Morrigan.

We derail with both relevant tech and visual aids.



Better. Whew!

I was worried about us. HZD doesn’t give us much to work with in terms of romance and demands for nudity. It’s important to branch out.

I remember that zero-G scene in Blood and Wine. It was impressive. They were rolling around in the clouds. So no gravity, AND clouds to strategically cover various bits.

Aside from the frustrating giant robot boss fight, that was good DLC.


Nice of them to post that for us. A couple of weeks ago, actually, but I’ve been saving it.

Blogging, like so much in life, is a delicate balance between skill and luck.

And nudity. And booze.

Also Morrigan.

I’ll see myself out.


Very nice of them!

Also, although one should never read the comments, I like the one that says “call me when they start swinging dong.”



Admit it, that was you.