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Minor plot and clothing spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn 


Ok, finished up the sword thing, then, as I had to go back to Meridian to finish it up, decided to go meet Erand, what being there and all, which made me meet the king, and the blameless guy and all that.

Also bought a very fetching outfit.

I think I missed some things in the sword thing. I mean, rescued dude, original dude was all cool, that was that. But, AGAIN, no WAY that was level 12. That last fight sucked. SUCKED. Basically, as soon as I got seen by the dude with the firespitter, I died. And that was pretty much once I did anything. Had to turn it down. Silly, silly levels.

The king seems like a cool guy. Complicated, though. On one hand, we have praised this game for not having monolithic tribes/factions/whatever. Rightly so. That’s good. HOWEVER, it does make it slightly confusing, that it does. I’m not sure I’m 100% on which one is who here.

Part of this is that I’m on two hours of sleep. Sigh. I’ll hang in.

As for the fetching outfit….

This game has gotten much praise for its portrayals of strong women (and women of color) and rightly so. Aloy is pretty awesome, as are many other female characters. We’ve even talked on how her clothing is rather practical. But they couldn’t resist having one outfit, could they? And the bottom…she has long boots, this little skirty thing, and fishnet tights (actual fishnets this time) from knee to waist. This is the FIREPROOF outfit.

Also, with this outfit, something else that I THOUGHT I was noticing became abundantly clear: When Aloy walks, she sways her ass like she’s all that. Whoever animated her certainly feminized her walk. Her run is very gender neutral, but that stroll is something else. We don’t do it much, what with all the running, but last night, in this new outfit, strolling after the Blameless guy up to the king, it was really, REALLY obvious.

So…..even in games that are very, very good at the gender thing….we’re still not perfect, are we?


I finished the sword thing, but I no longer remember it. I think I did it at about level thirty, so I don’t recall it being terrible.

I’m home today–the other kid was sick, although now that it’s too late to take him to daycare he of course feels fine, so I have 50 things to do at work (in between emails, of course) but instead I have to intentionally not have any fun here because I don’t want to encourage him to err on the side of not feeling well in the future. Bah.

Anyway… I’ll have to notice her stroll in future. Also her very practical and obviously fireproof outfit. I suppose you can’t win ’em all. We can at least say they hid the impractical stuff, instead of the practical stuff, I guess? Instead of the other way around, where you have to look all over the world to find something that covers your belly.


You can’t win ’em all, it’s true.

It’s quite a stroll. Quite accentuated by her current outfit.

But then, she WAS meeting a king. And flirty Erand. And the king was flirty! She’s gotta work it, man. Work. It.

But then, I think she’s more into her hawk. Or I want to think that, given my tendency to have lesbians save the world.

Remember, I’m still playing on hard.

The fight sucked. It. Sucked. Not only did the firespitter guy kill me with spit fire, did you know that getting physically whacked with a firespitter ALSO kills you dead? I did the whole charge, get close so he can’t shoot and whack thing, and he very casually bopped me with the firespitter and I died.



Erend and the king ARE both flirty, aren’t they? In a BioWare game, they would totally be romance options. Here, well, we know how Aloy feels about romance.

I did not know that about the firespitter! Nasty.


Terrible surprise about the firespitter.

I dunno, even bioware might not let you romance royalty.

Erand for sure. The hawk for sure. Varl for sure.


You could romance Alistair in DAI, and he was a prince. I think if you played it right, you could actually become queen, but I did not do that. Next time I play it! (Laughing forever.)

Oh, I went back and did the log trial last night. Logs. Handy. Although the guy said “you can use your blast sling to drive machines where you want them to go,” and guess who was out of blast sling ammo AND the components to make more? Yeah, the trial was a lot more annoying than it probably would have been.

Ever since I got all those bombs, I keep running out of blaze! Gotta go hunt some striders, I guess.


Dude, the bomb trick was completely useless. I’m convinced that guy only told us to do that cuz he got bored out there with nothing to do but roast marshmallows and chat with the merchant and wanted to laugh at something. I tried the bomb trick, and the silly things either ignored it completely or scattered every damn where.

Indeed, two of the three things I killed were watchers, and I did that by hiding and whistling them into the kill zone.


Yes! That’s what I did! Hid and whistled at watchers. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.


As long as there is me, it’ll never be just you.

T SHIRT!!!!!


T shirt, and/or the chorus for a hit song called “Ode to a Gaming Buddy.” Why not branch out into pop music?

We can’t be constrained!


Yet another facet of our burgeoning financial empire.