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Minor spoilers for fetch quests and mechanics in Horizon Zero Dawn


Well…I played…and I still kinda have nothing.

That happens in this game. I played a long time. Really. But a lot of it was walking down roads, sneaking past monsters, fighting monsters who saw me, trying to find how to get to that next campfire around that corrupted zone with the rockbreakers (fuck that shit), etc. There was A LOT of all that. So, despite over an hour, all I have to show for it, really, is a) finding Brin (what a weirdo), b) overriding my first glinthawk (you’re right, that does rock) and c) getting to pitchcliff and finding the dead agent. (“A map like that is a map you should follow.” Ha. Erand plays games, too.)

And the only reason I found Brin was that I cheated and looked on the internet to find where the hell he was.

This is not the first time this has happened in this game. I feel like I played a ton and gotten close to nothing done.

I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, as I have limited game time, it’s bad. I need to get going here! But, on the other hand, I didn’t dislike yesterday’s session. The whole tense nature of things is fun, and leads to a very good degree of immersion. Isn’t more of a good thing good? To an extent?

I’m torn. And that tornness will have to do for bloggage cuz I really have nothing much else. Except Brin. And overriding glinthawks. And nice self aware clips. That’s it.


Brin! Mysterious weirdo. He’s…a real weirdo. And as you may have suspected, he’ll send you on a bunch of quests to get machine blood of different types, so enjoy that. Eventually you’ll get to ones you can multitask with the Lodge on, if you care.

That’s my fault you had to look him up, I was totally misremembering where the Sun Furrows hunting ground was. I think I confused it with Great Run or whatever, and was thinking it was the one near the bottom of the map. My bad, man, sorry. They all do run together a bit.

Overriding glinthawks, though, right? So great. FIGHT FOR ME! You bunch of jerks.

I know what you mean about playing and doing plenty of stuff but feeling as if you haven’t DONE anything. And it should logically be fine, because you’re doing stuff, and having fun with the stuff you’re doing, sneaking and fighting and looting and what not, so does it matter if you didn’t advance any stories very far?

Not really, except that our limited playing time makes us feel we have to GET STUFF DONE at every opportunity or we’re wasting our chances. But we do this with all games, really. I bet if we look back through the blog we’ll find variations on “I played but I didn’t accomplish anything” at some point in every game we’ve played. Played first and then talked about later, I mean. All those games we played before we talked about them, I don’t know, those were in the days when we had more time and maybe didn’t notice that much if we didn’t advance a story in any given session.

Speaking of advancing story, I went back to the Lodge with my trophies, and now, as we anticipated, I have to go look for Redmaw. So that’s next on MY list. Can’t wait to see if it’s really just a big horrendously powerful thunderjaw, or a clever twist.


Ironically, as this game does, the last thing I killed before visiting Brin was a sawtooth and the first thing he asked for was…a sawtooth. Sigh.

You were right about his location. But it was in this canyon thing, and finding a way into that (and around all the nasties around it) was the pain. It wasn’t just “wander east.” But it was, in fact, east of Sun furrows.

Yes! Glinthawn overrides! Though, again, the first time I tried, I was all “Oh yeah….gonna override me a glinthawk,” I tied the thing and it landed WAY up on this gate and I couldn’t get to it. Jumped, tried climbing, nope, and it broke free and almost killed me.

Got it on the second go, but still. Ruined the moment.

This game seems to do it more. I think it must be because other games, the randits are not something that chews up much time. You truck from Crookback bog to Novigrad, sure, it’s a long walk, and maybe you kill some randits on the way, but they don’t slow you down much. When randits are a herd of chargers, that takes a bit more time and planning and stuff. You see “Machine site discovered,” (which happens a TON), it brings your trucking towards objective to a grinding halt. And it’s either long time consuming fight or making the route around things longer and slower. THAT is rare in other games.

But yes, time is precious. Now imagine if you’re always WAY behind your blogmate, and add pressure there, too.

DON’T SPOIL! Unless I ask you to cuz I’m not doing it.


Of course it was a sawtooth. Fortunately, unlike with the tutorials, you don’t have to have his quests active in order to collect the blood if you happen to kill whatever machine he needs. I was worried about that for a while.

I won’t spoil! I’ll just drop hints like “OMG I didn’t expect some of that! Even though we had predicted some of it with astounding accuracy!” It’s how I do.

It’s true, the random interruptions in this game do tend to take a lot of time and energy. And because of the environment, especially in the desert, it can be hard to just go around machines sites, and even if you do go around them you often just run into another one. So yeah, just traveling around tends to get one bogged down in unexpected fierce combats. I admit I have taken to fast traveling more lately, which avoids some of these hazards…I walked it all the first time, so now I feel more entitled to skip it, or something.


Oh thank heaven it multitasks. Cuz I ain’t killing stuff twice.

It is how you do. I have become used to that.

Oh I have taken to fast travel like crazy. I’m with you. Aloy figured out the best route. She remembers. Of course she does. No need to prove it.


Yeah! That’s right! We went that road once, figured out exactly how to sneak by the machines, and we can do it again without having to get all worked up about it. I knew there was a logical justification.

I know, I was extremely worried for a bit that multitasking wouldn’t work and I’d actually have to kill TWO thunderjaws and stormbirds, one for the Lodge trophy and one for Brin, but no: you can collect everything at once. Major sigh of relief.

The tutorials had me all freaked out about that, because for those, you DO have to have the quest active, which means I probably completed all of them several times just running around, but never got credit for it until I bothered to select the quest line.

Oh–and how could I forget the highlight of the evening? I FINALLY found a rabbit with a skin last night! (Or, alternatively, finally managed to kill a rabbit with enough finesse that I didn’t completely destroy the skin in the process.)

Now I just have to find a merchant who sells that caveman shotgun, because obviously the first couple I stopped at didn’t have it. This is gonna be sweet.


I always come up with justifications…I mean logic. Yes. Logic.

BRAVO rabbit skin! Now THERE’S an accomplishment.

You know, if you’re a merchant, and you have every possible means of killing everything, why not just kill your own damn rabbit?



It would be completely irrational and frustrating if you COULDN’T fulfill two quests with one machine kill, as long as they didn’t both want exactly the same thing (“fetch me its heart!” “no, fetch ME its heart!”), but it’s the kind of thing you worry about anyway. But worry no more!

And hey, we already talked about how tough the merchant’s guild is here. Probably if they leave their posts to kill their own rabbits, they lose their position or something. Merchants take their jobs very seriously 1000 years from now.

“Please! Just bring me some food! Even some bony meat would be fine! I don’t dare stir from this spot.”


I think they did that on purpose. Blood. Heart. Trophy. Pretty soon she’s gonna have to lug whole snapmaws home.

Poor merchants. “I don’t even dare risk this pile of wood.”

On that note, when I got to pitchcliff, there was a campfire with five or six dudes sitting around it, chatting away.

It was unlit.

I half expected them to go “Ooooooohhhhh. NOW I get it! Thanks!”

They have to stand by UNLIT campfires, just waiting. Now that’s dedication.


Ha! I have had that half-expectation too. Either “oh, THAT’S what you do with that pile of sticks!” or “hey, we were saving those until Boris comes back with the fatty meat!”…SOME reaction, anyway, when you find people standing next to the unlit sticks.

Of course, that would be a tough thing to get right in a game, because it would be awesome the first time, and then get really old after about the 3rd time you lit a fire and someone commented, so I suppose they didn’t think it was worth it (if it even occurred to them).


Guys….hate to tell you…Boris isn’t coming back.


Oh god…he didn’t go over by the tall grass, did he? I warned him!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Boooooooorrris!!!!!!!!


Sorry, cold, chilly merchant. I blame myself.


“We never should have let him leave his assigned spot! The guild warned us only tragedy could come of trying to hunt our own meat! This is why the only way we can feed ourselves is to make food part of the price of an item some hunter needs.”


Next time, wait for the rabbit to come to you.

T SHIRT!!!!!!


And advice worth heeding for all of us.


I like to think our T SHIRT empire will make the world better, once piece of questionable advice at a time.

(I could have said “Wait for the fox to come to you,” but that might be read all sorts of wrong. We do have standards. At least on Tuesdays.)


Agreed. Standards are for early in the week. All bets are off by Friday.