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Minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn locations and data points


Ok, magpied a bit. Tried to get to the last tallneck, and I couldn’t cuz there were mighty cliffs. Now, ethics question:

I tried running/jumping the cliffs, as one does. You know: going where the game obviously doesn’t want you to go. I got close enough to a campfire on the OTHER side of the cliffs and I can now fast travel there.

Is this cheating? Should I do it? I feel so dirty.


I think you should do it. I mean, you know HOW to get around the cliffs: just keep going around and eventually you’ll find the way in. It’s not as if you’re cheating on the solution to a complicated puzzle. You’re just saving a little time. Plus, you have no idea what’s next to the campfire on the other side. It could be smack dab in the middle of a flock of glinthawks. You’re paying for the possibly unearned convenience of fast travel with the risk of traveling to an unknown location. I think it balances out.

I played some. It was a little awkward because I forgot my glasses at work, so it was a matter of “shall I play, even though I can’t see well? or miss out on playing time, even though said time is precious?”

So I played, and fought some large machines and had some conversations with colorful blobs that I mainly recognized by their voices. Ha, just kidding. My eyes aren’t that bad. I can see, just not appreciate fine details. So I don’t want to hear anything about how the game sure does get incredibly beautiful during that dramatic behemoth fight with the lighting and the swirling dust and the perfectly rendered micro-expressions on the faces and stuff. You keep that to yourself.

Climbing was also a bit more challenging given that it was harder to make out the handholds. “Does that look like a grippy place to you?”

I am not done, but I am 90% done according to the game’s progression counter (having done absolutely everything except the higher-level hunting ground quests and the end of the main story), so I think it’s probably going to wrap up soon. Or not for another 20 hours of main story, it’s hard to tell.


I dunno, man. It’s in a little village. We shall see.

And, well, I do have a pro, so you might as well give up on glasses. Ha.

My biggest problem with no glasses is reading. Shit, I have trouble reading WITH my glasses, and I have a pro. Without glasses? Screw that. I’d wind up selling all my deathbringer hearts for nothing.

Speaking of which, I did, legitimately, find a datapoint about the “western lands” or something, and the Pacific ocean and dudes that live there (not the Pacific ocean, but a “lake with sour water that rises against you and you can’t see the other side to the west…” I’m making an educated guess). You find that? Sequel city.

Again, I have trouble with that WITH my glasses and a pro. And those little yellow studs that are tiny and similar in color to everything else? Screw those.

Dude, I don’t think either one of us has ever gotten to 90% complete on anything. This saddens me. Usually, when I’m at 62% there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m doomed.


I missed that data point! I was looking at the data point lists the other night, and I missed a lot of them. Especially in “the world.” I wandered a lot, but not enough.

Oh, and speaking of the data points, etc., I checked and I also have that “unknown” on my list under “tallnecks.” So I don’t know what the hell that is.

Some weird thing that we need to trek to the farthest points on the map to find? We may never know.

And yeah, I’m surprised I’m this close to 100%. We NEVER do 100%! I mean, not that I expect to do it now, I’m sure I’ll end up at 97% or something because I can’t be bothered to go back to the hunting grounds, but usually there’s a lot more unfinished stuff than that. Usually we finish the story and call it a day at 86% or something.


Ah, see, this was really close to where you found the doomed boyfriend in the young lovers quest. I went there because the campfire was right close to the tallneck (or so I thought). There’s a little village there with…not much. A merchant. And a big ol’ body of water with arches. This data point was on a boat.

It even said that there were machines in the western lands that are “unlike anything ever seen…different kinds of machines…” etc. Way to set up new shit in the sequel, random datapoint! And even a “tribe that only rides on their dark boats in the waves.”


Man, what the fuck is that line? That’s so weird. Completed play throughs? I mean, when you’re 90% done, what else is left but the end?

You get up that high. I’m never above maybe 75%.

But I agree: Fuck the hunting grounds.


Man, that IS super suggestive of a sequel or two. Which is good, really. At 90% complete, I think I can safely say I’ll play a sequel.

Yeah, maybe that undiscovered thing is just the very last location where you do something or find something or pre-order a sequel to find out what happens next or…something. It’s weird, though.


I, too, will happily play the inevitable sequel(s). I do like that they’ve gotten around the problem of how to put new monsters in sequels. That never really sits right. Where were all these monsters in the other game? Why did Kevin get more guns for this? Now we know there’s more monsters because…..uh….the datapoint said so! So why didn’t the other datapoints that mentioned the worldwide war against all the machines not mention anything we haven’t seen? Umm….uh….


(We take what we can take.)

So weird, that ‘unknown’ line. Especially because it’s on the list between things we’ve done the hell out of.

I’ll wait until I’m finished to google it.


Well, you know…it’s far away…there are different cauldrons…specific ecological niches have arisen…ROBOT DINOSAURS! THAT’S WHY!

I will also wait until I’m finished. Which could be later tonight or possibly six weeks from now. There’s really no way to tell.


You’ll finish tonight. Because I’m a good two months away, and that’s how the universe works.

Though I am going straight to the next story thing. Unless I decide not to. Which could happen.


What’s the next story thing? Sunfall? (The place where you were definitely not supposed to go! Until you had to go there.)


I have to go disrupt a network. It’s down in the corner.

See, this is what concerns me. You’ve already forgotten stuff from a ways back in this game. You’ll finish tonight, be halfway through MEA and be all “Oh yeah….that…is that the thing with…I forget.”

We’re not getting any younger here, after all.


Oh yeah, the network! I remember that. Some plot advancement. Good times. THEN Sunfall.

You’ll just have to remind me. Of a lot of things.