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Some plot spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


Decided that there was no way I could face another week with my pride intact having not killed a thunderjaw. So off I went. And I killed it on the first try! On hard! Whoo hoo! So I went back to Brin and gave it to him, and got what IS an interesting vision (The machines invented the thunderjaw? Hmm. That IS worth hearing), and he sent me to get stormbird blood. Well, I was feeling good about myself, what with killing a thunderjaw on the first try without dying, so I said “Hell yeah! This ain’t no thang!” and went off to find a stormbird.

Turns out it is, in fact, a thang.

Let’s just say I did not kill a storm bird on my first try. Or my second. Or my fifth. Or at all.

Those things suck.

I thought I had it once. I tied it down, and, at Junior’s advice, went nuts on it with a tearblaster. I now rather like the tearblaster. Stuff was flying off of it in every damn direction! I thought “AH HA! Not so tough without your cannon thing now, are you?” Only to learn it has another way to attack. And another.

Those things suck.

So I got out of there, went to the quarry, restocked, figure I’ll try the tearblast trick on the rockbreaker and finish that quest. We shall see.

But now…they made the thunderjaw, and we already have the flowers “spreading life.” Is this all an excuse to have new machines in the sequel or is something going on?

Don’t spoil.


Nice work with the thunderjaw! And yeah, Brin is getting interesting. I feel like… maybe laying groundwork for sequels? Or else it’ll be critical in the endgame I still haven’t gotten to! There’s no way to know!

I did play a little last night. Got some more story. Got from 90 to 91 percent complete.

Found out what I think is probably the REAL end fight…which honestly I should have predicted just based on what I know about narrative structure. I mean…Remember there was this place we talked about? Can’t make anything of it right now but it sure seems like something that would be important, maybe we’ll go back later?

Oh yeah… I said to myself. I should have known I’d go back there eventually.

Also I found another fuel cell, and so now I have to go back to Maker’s End to find the one I missed, because I’m close! I have two! And maybe I’ll want that armor in the final battle.

So back there, and then either final battle or whatever ten things come before the final battle. There’s no way to know!


That was a pretty interesting little tidbit. And I liked that Aloy was as taken aback that he said something cool as I was.

There is no question that this game is tremendously sequel conscious. And I like, so far, how they’re going about it. They’re setting stuff up, but being very vague about it. Questionable accounts from questionable sources that might mean this, might not. I like that. If you’re too specific, you run into a problem bioware has been known to run into: you go “oops…that’s not quite how we wanted it” and you go against your foreshadowing, or, worse, you just ignore the foreshadowing. Of course, the other extreme, not setting anything up at all, makes things in sequels seem random. This game has enough to be plausible in game two, but isn’t (YET) running the risk of having to trash canon if they have/need to.

90 to 91%? Good lord. I’m never gonna finish.

And you don’t say? The place right in the middle of shit? Where, like, all sorts of important shit happens? That was just in a mural I saw in Helis’ place? Just guessing here?

We shall discuss why they plopped that there later. Didn’t even have Daniels saying “not yet” as I climbed way the fuck up there.

I’m stunned. Stunned, I say.

OH SHIT! Cells! I was trying to remember that they tend to pop up in story missions (top of Faro tower, in the grave hoard), and I meant to look every damn where for one in the crash the network mission and forgot! Shit. I hope there’s one in Sunfall and one…wherever you just found one. Or all is for naught.

It won’t be ten things, though. It’ll be twelve.

Even the damn trophies mock me. I got the “scanned every machine” trophy last night, which usually means you’re getting close. The “every” trophies ALWAYS mean you’re getting close! Except for this game.


Yes! I had the same thought once I stated getting the “all whatever complete” trophies. Got all the machines, got all the mugs, got all the vantage points, I must be close to the end!

Or… not. Even close.

But yeah, that thing. That’s the thing I have to go to, once I find this fuel cell and get this armor. Just as we suspected.

There is a fuel cell in the place where I am now! Just poke around all over the place, because it’s hidden (of course). You’ll get it! We will have that armor!


I know! Cuz…the end! Every! Every means all, and all means complete. Unless it doesn’t.

Stunned, I say. But seriously, game. If the big interesting thing is for the endgame, have Daniels say “Not yet,” or have a lock on the gate, or SOMETHING. Is that too much to ask? Because, what? You’re afraid that if there’s a gate people might, just might, guess it’s for later?

You fool no one, game.

Ok, good. Power cell ahead. But I didn’t miss one, did I? One at Sunfall, one…where you are? There wasn’t one in crash the network, was there? Cuz that ship has sailed. And blown up.


No, nothing there. Or at least if there is I also missed it.

The one I just found was not at Sunfall, though, so if you can’t find one there, don’t worry. I just got one at… a place. Not a place we’ve been before. A new place. Once you’re done with Sunfall.

Of course there may be one at Sunfall too, that I missed. One never knows with this game.


This place with the stuff. And the thing. That’s nowhere near the end of the game.

Also, went to check the blog and my advertisements right now are underwear and UNICEF.

Not sure what that says about the universe.


If UNICEF sold underwear, their funding issues would be solved! Or hideously compounded. One or the other.