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No spoilers for anything unless you’re waiting to watch your E3 recordings


Oh, and I’m watching E3 so you don’t have to. We don’t post on weekends, but here’s a catch-up: 

Next AC game is in Egypt. It comes out in October.


Wait, no you didn’t. It was painfully lame. Like, REALLY lame.

We got the first glimpse of Bioware’s new thing. It’s called Anthem. It has stuff. Well, here: Anthem

And there was a co-op game from the dudes who did Brothers (that indie game where you controlled two dudes) called “A Way Out” where you HAVE to do split screen co-op. It looked cool, but it made me dizzy.

Here: The Most Interesting New Game Announced Today Is A Co-Op Prison Break

I watched that so you didn’t have to.

You’re welcome.


Hey, Egypt! That’s mildly interesting! Also, Brothers was interesting.

Thank you for watching so I don’t have to. I rely on your updates.


Also, after a lackluster mess from EA, we finally got something interesting:

The next thing from Dontnod, they of Remember Me and Life is Strange.

That looks like something worth paying some degree of attention to.

Also Sunday, good news, and terrible, terrible news.

Good news: Life is Strange: before the storm launches in August. Looks good.

Bad news: Bioware’s new thing looks multiplayer only. Like Destiny, only prettier. Very much like Destiny. VERY MUCH.

Might be the first bioware game I don’t play.

Then Bethesda happened in the middle of the night. No Elder Scrolls, but there’ll be more Dishonored and a new Wolfenstein. Oh, and Fallout 4 will be entirely playable in VR. That sounds….fun? Pros: Virtual power armor, virtual exploring my town, virtual Cait in the barbarian armor. Cons: extreme nausea.

Still very upset re: Bioware’s game.

Ubisoft showed a whole mess of Assassin’s Creed Origins, which will take place in ancient Egypt, have dudes to assassinate and KNIVES FOR EVERYONE!

Nothing really jaw dropping, but then, the two games I really WANTED To see were Red Dead 2 (which Rockstar said wasn’t going to be there anyway) and Cyberpunk, and CDPR is always a bigger presence at Gamescom. Maybe they’ll show up. Maybe not.

But Ubisoft and Sony happened. The biggest splash was Ubi’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 which seems to exist in a futuristic grungy world with talking pigs and monkeys and swear words and things that blow up. Seriously. Pigs. And monkeys. Looks bizarre. But a good bizarre!

As for Sony, no OH MY GOD moments. Nothing from TLOU2, which means we have a while before we have to decide if we want to either miss a masterpiece or be really depressed for a while. The PLAY AS CHLOE game continues to look cool, we got the expected story DLC for Horizon, it’s called “The Frozen Wilds,” it looks like it has some snowy wilds, banuk dudes, and ROBOT DINOSAURS, they announced that cult classics Undertale (an RPG) and Shadow of the Colossus (which I always wanted to play) are being remade for the PS4.

Their big end of show game was the new God of War, which I haven’t played, but I know Mr. O is down with. It’s third person and seems to have far more character/feels than the prior ones. People seemed excited. Not a series I know all that well.

So nothing particularly huge, but enough that I do not look at the future and say “Hmm…we’ll have nothing to play.” Plenty to do. I’ll hit MEA, then Tales from Borderlands maybe, then we should be right around the release days for LiS 2 and PLAY AS CHLOE, that should take us to Horizon’s DLC….

All is well.

Now watch: CDPR will show up today, show 22 jaw dropping minutes of Cyberpunk, say it’s coming out in September and blow up my plan.


God of War, hm. Yeah, Mr. O’ played all of those. Liked them OK, I think. It was back in the days when we had more time and therefore played more things, so I honestly don’t know if he liked them enough that he’ll be super excited about a new one, but we’ll see.

I was never interested in them myself, looking over his shoulder. Some angst, sure, but limited story and character development.


And please watch this, because I’ve now seen it twice and I’m starting to think I did something to my brain and I’m seeing things:

Beyond Good and Evil 2

And it’s from the same dudes who did Valiant Hearts. That nice little cartoon WWI game.



Interesting. I wouldn’t have predicted that from the Valiant Hearts team, but…way to go, I guess?


I gotta admit: I’m strangely intrigued by that game. A cyberpunk mature game with talking animals and space pirates and story and, potentially, theme?

If I can’t have ROBOT DINOSAURS, SASSY MONKEYS might be a good substitute.

T SHIRT!!!!!

Plus, it was noted on the internet that there wasn’t a single solitary white man in that whole trailer. Not one.

I dunno. Weird as fuck, but is that necessarily a bad thing? At least it isn’t zombies and soldiers.


People liked Beyond Good and Evil, right? I mean, I never played it or saw anyone play it, it was before my time, but we can keep an eye on it. I don’t like monkeys nearly as much as I like dinosaurs, so I’m not sure sassy monkeys are a fitting replacement, but…we’ll see.


People LOVED beyond good and evil. I never played it cuz console, but it has a passionate, devoted, nutsy following.

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for Horizon lunchtime.


I want Horizon Lunchtime so much.

And well then, with a devoted following for the original BG&E, and a decent (if not exactly the first thing you’d think of) previous game from the team, who knows? Maybe this will be amazing!

I’m into it. Positive thinking. It’s going to be awesome.