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Some minor combat/side quest spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


I’ll just assume you’re done since you haven’t reported in a while.

Anyway, I redeemed my stormbird failure by killing the rockcrusher and finishing up blood on stone. Honestly, that thing was ten times harder than a thunderjaw. The reward box I got was truly remarkable.

Though…and I don’t know if this was game, or me, or what: I was totally expecting to be betrayed. I heard some of them being all “This should be better than the last time” or something, all standing there at the edge of the quarry, and I thought “Oh, shit. This is so a trick. They’re tricking me into doing some gladiator pit thing and they know full well there’s a nasty thing here, and they’re going to be all mad that I lived and I’ll have to kill them.” But that didn’t happen. Just “Thanks! Who’d’ve thunk? Have a remarkable reward box.”

Now, maybe it WAS a trick. Maybe I DID put on a hell of a show. But they didn’t say so. There was no cackling evil confession “HA! TRICKED YOU!” that one gets in games. I’m left to wonder if I was duped or not.

Which is a pretty cool wrinkle in a very standard “kill the nasty thing” quest. Again, game, way to throw curve balls.

Then I started trucking towards sunfall, magpied over and overrode the last tallneck (being able to override ravagers is SO handy), found the campfire of shame legitimately to absolve my shame, took a good screen shot, hit save.

Not bad.


I don’t get done when I don’t play!

My visiting mom left at the crack of horrible this morning, so NOW I can get back into the swing of things. But I am not done. I have nothing to report.

Nice work with the rockbreaker, though! Those things are really nasty. Definitely worse than thunderjaws, because at least thunderjaws STAY ABOVE THE GROUND so you can a) keep better track of where they’re attacking you from and b) keep shooting at them.

Rockbreakers are the worst. Maybe rockbreakers tied with stormbirds, since stormbirds also have that tendency to zoom away and kind of get lost somewhere while you desperately scan around for them in hopes of dodging/hitting.

The final battle is probably going to be a mutant stormbreaker rockbird that both flies AND dives into the ground. It’s going to suck. Hopefully I just made that up.

Also, wholehearted agreement: overriding ravagers is so incredibly useful. I love it forever. That whole area around that particular tallneck was swarming with so many machines (I mean, they all are, but that one, with all that wide open space around it, seemed especially so). Being able to get a ravager on my side would have been helpful.


But you can still talk!

Especially now that you’re back at work. Ha.

Dude, that was pretty much the pain in the ass part. I spent most of the fight (fights, plural, as I died a lot) going “Where is it? Where is it?”

I think I ended up using an exploit I wasn’t supposed to use. I managed to hide behind this shack, which meant it really couldn’t get me with its rock spray bit. I could lay traps, wait for it to come to the little part where it could see me, it blew up some, I shot it, etc. But no WAY was I coming out from behind that shack.

I still think the end was supposed to be amiguous. Did you think?

Dude, don’t give anyone ideas about the final battle.

I got a ravager, THEN I got a longleg. The rest was easy. The best was watching the watcher who’s ONE JOB was staying up there by the jumping off point. He SAW the ravager (as he is a watcher) and went all “Huh? What? CHARGE!” and ran right by me. It was great.

Oh, and old news but in the spirit of E3, look, Ubisoft’s letting you shoot the fuck out of Montana next year!

Far Cry 5 Is A Game About Resisting An American Militia, Will Be Out In February

It’s just like Montana, I’m sure.


Exactly like my memories of growing up under the Big Sky, man.

I also spent a lot of time hiding where the rockbreaker couldn’t get me with the spray. Run out, drop some traps, run back…not exactly heroic, but gets the job done. Eventually.

I honestly didn’t even hear people talking about this being a better show than last time, so I’ve got no opinion on that. I was probably too busy cursing. But as a general rule, yeah, let’s go with “intended to be ambiguous.” In this game, seems fair. They’ve thrown in these little touches before.


Ok, I don’t feel so bad.

The other really, really pissy thing about those things is that ropecasters don’t seem to do shit. They just dive. This one time, I thought I shot off all four (!) of its diggers, which was supposed to keep it above ground, but I missed one. Just one. And that threw off the whole damn plan and I died.

It was only later I noticed, and noticed that the crowd, and the quest giver, were standing in this hut thing that overlooked the quarry. Which could have been read as “grandstand” or something.

It was a nice touch. The feeling of “Wait….did I just get tricked?” was something a young person getting used to the world might have thought.

I like that, even with the simple quests, they twist. (By simple I don’t mean simple to kill, but, you know, “Kill the nasty” is about as simple as it gets.)


Yeah, I could never manage to get all the digging claws either. You miss one, and it disappears. Hate those things.

Especially when they’re corrupted. And there are two of them.


Oh I came across that one a ways back. And carefully, carefully avoided it.

Though I did, yesterday, after killing the rockbreaker, did a stupid and found this mound of loot, and searched it and WHAM and only then did I say “Ah, yes, that’s where I saw a pile like that before…the quarry….yes…”

Then I ran.

Mean of them to taunt us so with loot.

Far Cry 5 does look rather intriguing, but then, so do pretty much all Ubisoft games in trailers.


They do! They all look good in trailers.

And yeah, those giant mounds of loot…and then that terrifying noise…although I did find that if you kill one, and then search the loot pile, it will still make the noise, but nothing happens. So…like…there was another one, but it decided not to surface? Your stepping on the loot pile caused a tunnel collapse (that didn’t break the ground above?). I dunno.


They look good. And then they don’t.

Oh man, I didn’t even wait around to see if the noise was a red herring. I took my loot and booked it out of there. Didn’t look around, didn’t get hit, just took my 36 shards and hauled ass.

And then came across another one that was above ground, happily crushing stuff and spitting out at nothing in particular, like it was chilling, eating sunflower seeds the size of boulders.

I ran, again.