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No spoilers unless you don’t want to know anything about character creation in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ok, I’m here. But you know how proud I’ve been to avoid the “I got nothing” thing?

Well, I got nothing.

Last night was family fun night at school, which was really “Watch my children be really fucking tired, then have meltdowns night.” This led directly to “Drink scotch on the deck cuz fuck all of that shit night.”

There’s nights where you’re too tired to play, and you ponder whether you should/could/want to play anyway. Then there’s nights where your children do such damage to your very soul that all you can ponder is scotch.

So I start derailing my rather respectable streak of having something instead of nothing. I barely have my sanity after last night.

How’s MEA?


Aw, man. Kids. Tired kids. They drain the life from one. I didn’t play either, if that helps, because non-sleeping kids, and packing lunch for kids, but at least it was nothing meltdowny.

Sometimes you have to take a scotch break.

MEA is good so far. I’m looking forward to playing it some more, which is always an important quality. And Mr. O’ just finished, so it’s all mine!

It gets off to a pretty good, energetic start, action and story underway in a timely fashion. Now I’m doing the ‘wander around talking to people and picking up side quests’ stage.

Many people to talk to! Many people to assess in terms of their romantic potential! Yes, it’s going to be fine.


Well, good that MEA seems strong. Can you figure why the hate? Just Bioware hate?

This was meltdowny. Nugget certainly puts his heart into it. And now here we are with a nice day and Meatball is half asleep. Sigh.

One cannot win.

At least there is scotch.

I do want to play, though. Hopefully I stay awake.


One thing scotch does not help with, is the staying awake.

I’m only about two hours in, so it’s hard to say, I might hate it later. At the moment, my only frustrations are about getting used to the controls…the usual ‘new game’ stuff. “Oh, wait, that’s not how to duck…” etc.

Mr. O’ expressed some annoyance that you couldn’t customize your appearance quite as much as you could in earlier games: they have about 10 “template heads” and you can adjust features on them, but you can’t just manipulate your entire face from scratch.

I didn’t actually mind that so much…not being able to tinker with everything meant I didn’t spend 5 hours trying to perfect a face. I just grabbed a template with a cute haircut and went. So what if I look exactly like a million other Ryders out there? I’m never going to see them.

I look a bit like Mindy Kaling with a pixie cut. I’m into it.


This is so. It does not help one stay awake. But it dulls the pain in your soul.

I hope you don’t hate it later. Let’s hope.

Yeah, limited customization is a bit of a blessing. For me it’s 10 hours, cuz I do the first five, start the game, hate it cuz it looks like shit in the game lighting, start over.

Does one template look like Morrigan?

Mindy Kaling? Then I see that there wasn’t a hideous, horned brooding krogan head. How will you deal?


You are so right: there was not a hideous brooding krogan template. You can only be human.

Siiiiiigh. Scotch. Scotch is how I will deal. That and romancing the hideous brooding krogan the first chance I get.

“Hey, baby…I’m betting you don’t come here often, since none of the regulars seem to have gone blind with horror yet. Wanna make out?”

None of them looked much like Morrigan to me, but with your sensitive BHBEBB-detecting skills, I’m sure you’ll find one you can work with.