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Minor spoilers and inventory management complaints for Horizon Zero Dawn


Got nothing past the Free Heap stuff of yesterday. Gotta go kill me some scrappers.

Hoping to kill a couple today, during the day. I really, really want to kill scrappers.

But I gotta buy food and shit and all that life stuff.

Silly old chores.


Kill some scrappers! Just order all your food from Amazon or something. Grocery shopping is overrated.

But yeah, you kill some scrappers, some bandits, do a couple of things, win the friendship of Petra and her big gun…it’s gonna be great.

Oh, did you find the power cell you were missing, in the Nora mountain?


I did!

Almost there!

I’ll never get there.


You will! You’ll get there! Gaia Prime. That’s the last one. Don’t leave without it.


You sure? Is it by the glinthawks?


Definitely right next to the place swarming with glinthawks.

Or scrappers. Or corrupted stormbirds. Basically the same thing.


I’m doomed.

But at least I’m finally home. Trapped at a damn car dealer for over two hours just to get the damn van serviced, then a store I never go to so I couldn’t find anything, wasted day.

Maybe I’ll go kill a scrapper. But I hardly have any time.

Doesn’t this always happen? I fall apart in the late game?


It’s gonna be great. Every little thing’s gonna be all right. Swarms of angry machines can’t slow you down! Just keep repeating that.

In all seriousness, I think there are glinthawks…and things. But you can sneak by a lot of them. I sneaked a lot on the way up to that far north point.

Put on your Nora stealth armor and get out there! Show ’em what Aloy’s made of! You can do this!

Information and awesome armor await you!

Rah rah rah!


I don’t HAVE the stealth armor! I only have the disguise, the fireproof one (which I’ll be glad I have at the end) and the ice one (which is very helpful with the glinthawks, must say).

It’s so hard to come by the right thing! I killed that whole herd of tramplers, and not one of them had a heart. Not one! I want that so I can get the bow that corrupts things.

I did finally get the golden fast travel pack. If I run out of packs and have to waste time walking, I’ll cry. Must prevent crying.

But on armor, a lovely touch was the Nora commenting on it. I had the Carja fire one on, and they were all “A seeker? Dressed as a Carja?”


And the Oseram, when I had the ice one were all “She doesn’t look Banuk….”

This game gets the little things right, it does.


That’s awesome! I never heard those comments…I wore the stealth armor almost exclusively, except occasionally I’d change for a particular battle (those quick-change skills are real! It wasn’t just in the cutscene!), so I suppose no one bothered to comment on a Nora wearing Nora armor.

I mean, I’d hear things like “A Nora, in the Sundom?” or whatever, but not specifically about my armor.

It is hard to get the right machine parts. Many’s the trampler I overrode and provoked into fighting with other tramplers in the vain hope of picking a heart out of the wreckage. I might have gotten one out of a reward box or something, in the end.

Side note: I thought it was kind of funny how reward boxes would often have other reward boxes inside them. “Here, take this box as payment! It contains 12 other boxes, which contain…things. Probably.”


Ah, yes. Boxes. Been a while since I complained, so allow me:

Inventory still sucks.

I have about 92 open boxes. Why, you ask? Because I don’t want to jack up my actual inventory, with limited slots, with ridge wood and green modifications. Then I forget to sell the modifications. So I take out everything but the ridge wood. And you can’t drop the rest, so there they sit. A massive ridge wood repository I will never need.

I did like when Petra was said something about the forest and arrows, Aloy was all “You know, ridge wood makes better shafts.” I wish she had said “here, have 92 boxes full of it and find out.”


I often wound up in that situation too, with 50 boxes just hanging out. On the one hand, it’s kind of nice that they let you carry stuff around in boxes without it filling up your inventory (this is why the reward boxes are remarkable!). On the other hand, I always forget what’s in them, so even if I run out of it at some point, it’s not much good to me that it’s there.

I DID actually run out of ridge wood a couple of times! It was not pretty. When you really need to make some arrows in a hurry, you’re sad if you don’t have ridge wood. I just stopped collecting it, though, because I had so much I surely would never run out…until I did.

I probably had some in my reward boxes at the time, come to think of it.


Oh I haven’t collected any in ages. But I have SO MUCH in boxes. Maybe not 92, but at least 30. All with nothing but ridge wood.

I also always wind up with tons of freeze rime and fire kiln and shit. I always forget to make potions. Or sell it. Sigh.

And when I finally get that corruption bow, I have enough corruption glaze root to last a lifetime.

Too bad I’ll never get the bow.


The corruption arrow bow is pretty cool. Makes machines fight each other, without you having to get close enough to override them!

But you’ve come this far without it, and you have other priorities. Screw the bow.


But….I want the bow…..

Not enough to seek out tramplers, but enough to WANT THE BOW!

Plus, I’ve resigned myself to not doing all the cauldrons. While yes, the glinthawk thing is great and the bellowback thing is very handy, and the snapmaw thing has saved my ass, it would be nice to peg a behemoth or, dare I say, a thunderjaw and sit back and watch the carnage. And I just don’t have time to do the cauldrons to get that ability.

But the bow….the bow……