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Vague spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn side quests


I. Love. The Oseram Cannon.

You’re right. Totally worth it.

No, really, I LOVE the Oseram gun.

And, I’ll admit it, Petra kinda made me forget about Erand, if you know what I mean.

And the interchanges between them were great. “What? It’s YOUR bridge!” “There was a chance it WOULDN’T WORK?”

The your bridge one was great. Another thing I’ve wanted to say to games forever. “You want me to break what now?”

But seriously…..ANOTHER quest? Can’t I just move on? Now you need behemoth cables to keep it going? Really? REALLY?

But I’ll do it for the gun. And for Petra.


The gun is the best. THE BEST. You’re going to love shooting machines with it later.

And Petra is also pretty appealing.

But yeah, more quests. Always more quests. BUT–there’s actually a bit of story, so we can talk about that.


The gun is pretty amazingly amazing.

And she is! Flirty all talking about using my hips and leather straps. Plus, you gotta love anyone who can rock a work apron that shows off her cleavage.

Man, if Game 2 turns the romance loose, it’s gonna be fun.

I sorta figured there’d be a little story. It wasn’t just “fetch” it was all about the lovers and all. I wonder if there’ll be similar themes to the other young lovers quest. Curious.

But I hate Behemoths.


Behemoths are tough. And you can’t take the big gun with you, which would be extremely helpful.

You can take the young lovers with you, if you want, but they’re no Oseram Cannon.

I used a lot of trip wires.


I want to take the cannon with me wherever I go.

Yeah, wires ahoy, I think.

This GAME, man!


You’re doing great! Finish up with the behemoths and the young lovers, then you’re off to Gaia Prime!

Or the Lodge and Redmaw, if you want to get that out of the way. Which you know you do.

Then Gaia Prime! Then the sweet armor! Then the endgame! You’re so close to almost being there!!!!!!


Can I get the armor before red maw? Or once I do Gaia/armor is that the vortex into the endgame?


No, now that you mention it, you could totally get the armor first. Probably not a bad idea, since it never hurts to have sweet armor when you go off to fight whatever Redmaw is.

I had done absolutely everything I could do besides endgame before I went to Gaia Prime, so I never got to wear the armor in any other combats, which is kind of too bad. Might as well get some use out of it.

So yeah, definitely go to Gaia Prime first!


I will go first! After I do other stuff!


First is relative.


Excellent T SHIRT!!!!


It could apply to a lot of things, really.