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Spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn (Redmaw fight)


Well, I got nothing. Mrs. McP came home, hadn’t seen her in a while, she wanted food, it was hot, that sort of thing.


OK, I just played some and I realized that one reason I don’t want to do the endgame is I don’t really want the game to end. 70+ hours in, and I still don’t want to put it down. If that’s not high praise, what is?

Took advantage of the cooler part of the day to go kill redmaw. Kill it I did, using a little hole in the rock for cover. I must say, I’m kinda disappointed that it was what it was supposed to be. It did turn out to be a good ol’ kill the big baddie quest. I thought we were on to something there, with the possibility of a twist, but no. Just a big ol’ thunderjaw. But at least I can say I did it. And Talanah’s cute. She, too, was so into me. “You’ll always have a special home here….” I bet I will.

So now I’m at a point where there’s nothing left to do but corrupted zones, flowers and the end. And hunting grounds. Ha.

I think I’ll just charge on. Yes, I don’t want the game to end, but ending a game with a whole mess of magpie can sour you to it. I want this game to go out on top. ANd leave me wanting story DLC. I’ll play more story here.


I know, right?

I like MEA, I do, it’s a decent game so far, but I kind of wish I was still playing HZD. Not because I don’t like MEA, but because I just miss Aloy and the ROBOT DINOSAURS.

Sigh. High praise.

So you killed Redmaw! Yup. Just a big thunderjaw, as advertised. No twist. Which, as we joked at one point, IS the twist!

I did like how the jerk dude, before he died, was all “I should have…” and you think he’s going to say something repentant about how he shouldn’t have misjudged people or something, but instead he says “…let you fight it first…to soften it up.” [Dies]

I kind of loved that. Stay true to yourself, man! Die as big a jerk as you lived! Respect. I mean, you were a snooty jerk and I hated you, but respect for never letting up on your snooty jerk ideals.


Well, at least you like MEA. It’s not a situation where you wish you were still playing HZD cuz MEA sucks. But I’m with you: this is a great world, a great hero, and ROBOT DINOSAURS! I will happily play the DLC, and eagerly await a sequel.

I thought twist right up until the end. When those dudes came to kill us, I thought “You know? Redmaw’s fake. No such thing. And he’s doing this to avoid telling the secret.”

But no. It was a bigassed ROBOT DINOSAUR.

And yeah, his dying words… That was a nice twist. Even on the politely waiting to die trope. Usually it’s “I’ll wait to die to say good bye and/or move the plot!” This was just “I’ll wait to die just to tell you to fuck off.”


Yeah! It WAS a twist on the waiting to die trope!

You gotta kind of admire someone who’s so committed to his bitter jerkiness that he clings to life just long enough to look down his nose at you one last time.

Nice one, game. Man, I can’t wait for the DLC.


I hope we don’t have to wait too long for Horizon lunchtime.


I want Horizon Lunchtime so much.


I do like your idea of being able to hit X after the credits to preorder the sequel.



I fully expect to be able to preorder with a nice X in some future game. You know that technological advancement will come. I’m sure it’s just hung up at the moment on distribution issues, like “where does this preorder get sent? Do we have to make the person set up an account with a preferred vendor in advance to enable ‘instant X’ orders? Do we ask for payment information? Where do we store it?”

But it would basically be a sort of crowdfunding, and you know someone will be on it eventually. “Look, 30,000 people already said they’d buy the sequel, we HAVE to make it now!”