No spoilers


Well, I installed MEA. That took the better part of forever. Then I patched MEA. That took the rest of forever.

It has a very nice desktop icon. I’ll give it that.

And it’s ready to go! But that’s as far as I got.

I did, however, start The Last Guardian with Junior, which I got him for Xmas, but he’s been wanting to watch me play HZD. It’s intriguing. I have a feeling that it’ll be free at some point, and I’ll let you know then if you should grab it. So far…hmm. It’s very Japanese. It’s very stylized in that way. We really don’t know enough about the Japanese school of game making, but what can you do? Can’t play ’em all.

Might be one you would want to play with Blasto. I’ll keep you posted.

But I’ll get on MEA right quick! If it’s done patching. Heh.


It does have a nice icon. Its main load screen is also attractive, and the music is nice–a bit somber, as befits a vast and serious undertaking, but not too heavy.

Good luck with the labor-intensive process of creating your perfect Morrigan lookalike!


You know? For variety’s sake, I might go with Leliana….

But probably not.

Two lookalikes. I’ll get one, then it’ll look lousy in the game lighting and back to the drawing board. It’s how I do.


You have to go with what works for you. Why mess with failure that is eventually followed by success?


To quote Cookie Monster, me am what me am.

Ugh. Why is the week before vacation so hard? I don’t even have a job!

So tired…..