No spoilers for anything


I got nothing. Had an actual friend come over. I’m starting to see why so many gamers have no life. It seems to be a prerequisite for having the time to play.

I’m barely going to have time to make my BHBEBB* before I go on vacation.

Hey….is there a BHBEBB in this? IS THERE? We’ve established there’s hot Krogan. You sent a screencap of your potential love interest. Help me out, here!

I mean, I’m cool knowing that Chloe (Frazier) is waiting for me next month, but still. Why wait?

Oh, and not playing much today because I’m being a good dad and taking the brood to see sailboats. I expect, nay, require them to belt out Lowlands Away.


That is going to be SO. AWESOME.

I should demand that you get video for the blog. I can see it now: white sails against the sky, the calling of gulls, and three fresh-faced youngsters serenading the sea with “Lowlands Away.”

Bring a hat to pass around.

I’m afraid I have yet to meet a BHBEBB in MEA, but it’s early days yet.


Well, then I’ll just have to make my own.

Life’s hard.

As for the hat-passing, we’d make a mint.

And anyone who pitches in five bucks gets a free T SHIRT!!!!!!!


*Black-haired, blue-eyed BioWare Babe