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Spoilers for the beginning of Mass Effect: Andromeda


Well, crashed on a planet! That’s something!

I’m into it! Feels very much like a Mass Effect game. And I already call that we’ll be able to bang Cora.

Why does she look so familiar? Was she in the last games?


I like the whole “disgraced N7” dad thing. Nice touch.

Question: There were all sorts of things that I could inspect that did jack shit. “Inspect Cryo pod.” Ok…and…nothing. Not even a quip. Is that a bug? What gives?

Gameplay nuance: What do you think about being able to move the camera during dialog? I’m not sure I’m into it. I think I’ve already missed some stuff. This makes dialog more like gameplay and less like cutscene, and I’m not sure if I’m not into it or just not used to it.

Rant: AGAIN with the switching to first person! I get that that whole drop ship thing was supposed to have tension and all that, and it was well done, but DUDES I am getting steamed at this whole switching nonsense!

Ok, we’ll start there.

How was the kid ice cream?


Yeah, you can scan all kinds of stuff that doesn’t actually do anything. If you mean hitting X to examine a specific thing, but then nothing happens…I don’t know, that sounds weird. I think I vaguely remember that happening once or twice but I kind of assumed I must have already examined it? Or something?

Maybe it’s a glitch. Anyway, it’s not a prominent feature of the game later on, that I’ve noticed, so hopefully it won’t bother you going forward.

Perspective shift–yeah. I’m thinking maybe it’s that they want to get blurry and fade to black when Ryder’s woozy/unconscious because we’re only supposed to know what she knows, but it would feel awkward to blur the screen or cut the image if it stayed in third person.

Recall how you mentioned something like this with Geralt and the hags in TW3. We discussed how it seemed awkward to have the hag spitting gunk that got in OUR way by covering the ‘camera,’ but maybe that was the best way they could think to make Geralt’s limited vision transfer to the player without making it first person.

In game convention, when we just hang back and watch her fall to the ground, it means she’s dead, so maybe they want this to be more personal, and the best way they could think to do it was to pull in to her head.

Like a story that’s mostly going on in omniscient narrator style with “the hero marched blithely along, not noticing that a rock was about to drop on his head,” and then pulls close in to say “suddenly he felt a thud, a sharp pain, and the world went blurry before darkness closed in.”

I dunno, man. I confess, these short perspective shifts that center on a single character bother me less than the “mostly we stick with Lara, but then occasionally we’re a fly on the wall hearing a conversation in a room she’s nowhere near” shifts. To each their narrative peeve, I suppose.

Ice cream was fine, though there wasn’t enough of it (little sundae cups, you know), so I may be forced to procure more at some point in the near future.

Maybe at lunchtime…if it’s not raining….


Nah, it was that “hold triangle” stuff. It was before I learned how to use focus…I mean scan.

I did catch myself pushing R3 every two seconds. Doesn’t work anymore.

And no, man (SHIT you played this a while ago) I’m talking about the WHOLE RIDE on the drop ship, the whole fall from the thing, etc. From the moment you get on the thing, it’s first person until you hit the ground. This keeps happening? Shit.

Fall to the ground? Spoilin’ here! Spoilin!

That bit bothered me A LOT. On that we agree.

Kid ice cream socials are always disappointing. We need kids with bigger appetites.

And, in other news, DAY-UM:

Last Of Us Cosplay Went To Chernobyl To Get The Apocalypse Just Right


Respect. Major respect for the cosplayers. That’s pretty cool. I’ve heard Chernobyl is weirdly beautiful to visit, and apparently full of wildlife.

OK, yeah, it’s been a while…I only have a vague memory of looking through a visor in first person. And it was in a part you apparently haven’t seen yet–sorry, didn’t mean to spoil.

I mean, I remember the part of the story you’re talking about, going to the planet, etc., but I don’t remember it in first person. Apparently I am WAY less sensitive to this particular issue than you are.

Which means that when I say I don’t think it keeps happening, you will obviously not trust me, because it could happen in every cutscene and I probably wouldn’t notice–but, nevertheless, I don’t THINK it keeps happening.

You can let me know if I’m terribly, terribly wrong.

We DO need kids with bigger appetites. We need the standard for kid ice cream parties to be “one pint per person.” Not this quarter-cup nonsense.


I saw a thing about Chernobyl and thought “That does look like a video game.” I guess they saw the same one.


I’m also punchy cuz Mrs. McP is home and the kids know that vacation starts tomorrow and everyone is batshit nuts.

Wish I was killing ROBOT DINOSAURS. Or banging a space hottie.

Did you see my character, there? Speaking of space hotties.


I saw the notice that you’d sent a screencap of your space hottie while O’Jr. was firing up the machine to watch Ninjago, but I haven’t managed to play at all in a week.

In theory, Mr. O’s gone so I get the console every night!

In practice, I’m too tired to turn it on.

He’s back tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get a chance to sign in and review your Leliana clone.

Spouses: they can’t win. If they’re home, you can’t play, if they’re gone, I can’t play.

As for kids, they’re always getting in the way of play, so that’s a constant.


She’s pretty. I did well.

I CAN play with Mrs. McP around, except she doesn’t understand when not to ask questions about laundry or my day or anything. NO TALKING DURING CUTSCENES!

As for your week, you know when I say “I got nothing, too tired to play, kids were like that, my soul hurts?”

Welcome to my world, Femmy. Welcome to my world.


Your world is harsh and terrible.

Definitely no talking during cutscenes. I would say also no talking during dialogue, because I might miss something and not know what conversation option to choose.

Also no talking during combat, because I might get distracted and die.

You know what, just…no talking. Conversation is overrated.


It’s as we say: Play FIRST, talk LATER.

Much later.


MUUUUUUUCH later. There is no talking during video games.

Ideally, anyway.

MAYbe if you must interrupt with “the house is on fire!” or “I just found a giant pile of money/barrel of booze/bucket of ice cream!”

Otherwise, I don’t want to hear about it.


And only one of them. Cuz if someone is all “I found booze and the house is on fire,” well, just move the damn booze and I’ll get to it at the next save point.

24 hours from now, there’s gonna be a whole metric shitton of booze. Sigh. Happy thoughts. Vacation!


So true. “You know where the fire extinguisher is! Get the giant pile of money to safety and we’ll talk after this fight.”

Have a good time with the sun and the sea and the booze, my friend. I’ll be here, eating consolation ice cream.


Oh I’ll travel blog it for sure.