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Spoilers for your ability to be content without a bucket of booze?


Travel blog time!

Rum is good. So is fun. Korean barbecue flavor kettle chips are too.

Kidding aside, lovely here. Already gotten in a couple swims and a good beach day.

And rum.

And our huge assed place will let you borrow actual shopping carts you can drive right into the kitchen to unload your groceries!

It’s the little things.

Try not to finish MEA.


I don’t like kettle chips or barbecue, so gross, but the rum and fun sounds nice!

As for me, uh…well, I’ve discovered that chocolate brownie Clif bars (too often my sad excuse for lunch) are pretty good with peanut butter.

So I’ll contribute that to the food-related discussion.


KOREAN barbecue. Please.

Now if only the kids weren’t so tired. This would be better with just Mrs McP.

Still. Rum.

Don’t finish MEA.


I’m not going to finish a damn thing. I’ll be lucky if I even play. I blame summer and it staying light so late (and the sun actually being out)…kids will not sleep lately.

Still. Rum.

Or, in my case, bourbon chocolates that Mr. O’ brought back from Kentucky. Tasty!


That’s ok. Look at it this way: better bloggage.

Those chocolates sound awesome. You had me at bourbon.



My booze is in buckets.

So, all even really.


Buckets of booze? Give me buckets of boozy chocolate and I’m there.

You know, I’m pretty sure I could still get plenty of work done if I had one of those for lunch.


Better work at that.

Think of the bloggage!!!!