No spoilers because no games.


Vacations are tiring. There’s a certain irony to that.

If our T shirt venture fails, I think we should set up a series of resorts with nothing but games, booze, dessert and very, very quiet rooms.

And no kids.

I often find myself thinking “this would be fun with friends. Femmy and Mr O would dig this.” But then I realize kids.

Ah well.


Vacations ARE tiring. I blame children. I mean, in the old days you could go on vacation and just lie around drinking all day with nary a care. No longer.

Someday. When we take vacations from the home.

Also, now Google is reminding me through old photos that 6 years ago this week we were drinking in Paris. With no children.

Thanks, Google.


Who’s we? We went to Belgium. More than six years ago.


Sorry, that was vague…meant ‘we’ as in Mr. O’ and me.

Belgium, indeed, was long ago in the mists of time. What…13 years ago, wasn’t it?

Wow. Where does the time go? We’ll do that again someday!

From the home.


The home sounds nice.

Does it have booze buckets?


That’ll be one of the primary things we ask about when we’re shopping around.

On-site nursing care? Beautiful grounds for recreational strolling? Educational events? Meh.

Booze buckets?
Sign me up!


Booze buckets? Sign me up!

The t shirt we retire on.

We bring it all full circle.

Though I didn’t get my bucket today! Went on a pirate cruise with Nugget and Meatball. Fun, save for lack of buckets.

Must. Find. Bucket.


There’s still time! All is not lost!

Find. The. Bucket.



But my dad brought over a whole bottle of Bacardi black.

My phone’s autocorrect knows Bacardi. Not surprised.


Your phone understands priorities.

Even if it is very disappointed in you for not finding the bucket.