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No spoilers


How about this:

A mug made out of frozen chocolate filled with chocolate mousse? Frozen to keep the mousse cold you see.

I’m gonna weigh 300 pounds when I see you next.

But swimming is exercise!

Don’t finish MEA.


I would like three of those, please.

Now I want chocolate. And mousse.

And pie, just because pie.

Dude, I haven’t played since you left. I’ll be lucky to finish a side quest.


Dude why not? No spouse time is binge time.


Oh, he’s back now. And even in his absence, the kids are still around needing to be put to bed and have their lunches packed and stuff. And they’re all wakeful and antsy with the late daylight. By the time they got to sleep at almost 9:00, I was just honestly too tired.


Riiiight. I forgot some people have kids that stay up later than seven. Poor folks.

Ok, I’m covered in salt and chlorine and full of bucket booze. Let’s analyze something!

Gameplay! Narrative! Nudity!


We are indeed much to be pitied.

Narratively relevant nudity!

And buckets of equally relevant booze.

Naked Beach Vacation: the Game!


I would play that.

If it had buckets. And sorceresses.

Man we’re gonna be a mess by tomorrow.


I don’t know how it would NOT have buckets. You can’t serve booze in ordinary receptacles during Naked Beach Vacation!


This is so.

That said, we must work to make the bucket an ordinary receptacle.


We must! I would totally drink other things out of buckets.

Chocolate malts, for example. Or hot chocolate, in the winter. And a nice bucket of coffee first thing in the morning is just the way to get the brain in gear!


We’re pretty chatty for not playing and drinking a lot. We might be on to something!