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Still talking vacations, still not spoiling


Well did an all you can eat seafood buffet last night, which you think you wouldn’t dig until I say it was also all you can eat dessert. Was pretty good.

Mrs McP woke up and took the boys to an all you can eat breakfast buffet. The thought of smelling food after last night pains me, so I sit alone drinking coffee looking at the ocean.

I think I win.

Well, once you discount the terrible sunburn I got yesterday. I put sunscreen on twenty seven times, still burned. Unfair.


Yes. I will have that. I will go straight to the dessert. A bucket of ice cream sundae on top of a whole pie should suffice.

Sorry about the sunburn, though. That sucks. We pallid, shade-dwelling things were never meant for Swimsuited Beach Vacation: the Reality.

This is why I vacation in Oregon. In the winter.


I saw people eating that! I asked the waiter “what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?” And he said “let’s just say nothing surprises me anymore “.

The sunburn is a badge of honor.

Gotta fight those gamer stereotypes, man.

Sigh. Just wrapped up the last beach morning.

I’ve decided last day rum drinks should be like end game boss fights: almost impossible to finish, but you just keep trying.


Ha! Nice. Nice game tie-in for a nearly gameless week.

“I’ve passed out 15 times already but I–will–FINISH THIS.”


You just gotta find its weakness.

“Started with the cherry last time and it didn’t work. Maybe if I drink the floater first…..”


“What if I sneak up on it with a very thin straw? What if I try pouring it into a bucket first? There’s GOT to be a way!”


There will be a way!

But I can’t overdo it cuz I’m going back to the place with the mousse and the frozen chocolate cup.

That’s sorta like the cool after credits scene.


Ooh, yeah, you can’t miss that!

Man, I want that so much right now…frozen…chocolate…mousse…it’s so hot out…sigh.