Not spoiling is a skill we really master when we’re not playing


No one wants me to play this game.

I was playing! I was! But then the kids acted up in the middle of a key cutscene so I had to go back to the save point. I put the kids away, and started over. I saw the cutscene, haughty salarian, rude Brit, slightly swishy Krogan, and got to “Explore the Nexus.” “Oooo!” Thought I, “that cool part of the bioware game where I get to meet dudes!” I picked the rude Brit, got to that part where there are, like, seven things to ask…..

And Nana called.

Why did Nana call?

“Oh, to talk to the kids.”


So I gave up.

I really worry that we’re going to harsh on this game because we suffered so many non game related setbacks in that crucial “Get hooked” part of the game. It’s even worse, cuz there’s all sorts of complicated stuff that gets confusing if you keep taking breaks. I feel I’d be far more into this had I done everything I’ve done so far in three days instead of two weeks.

And that’s not the game’s fault.


I agree. I am worried. I took the day off, just to have a day off, so I’m going to try to play a bit. Although we’re also going to the movies.


We must keep our perspective. We must. For the sake of impartiality.

What you seeing?


Wonder Woman. Gotta keep up with the super hero scene! Or whatever.

Also just spent some time shooting kett and driving around in a burning vehicle. Good times.