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Very minor spoilers for early in Mass Effect: Andromeda


I’m still coughing. Got that “I’m hacking so bad I think I may barf” thing the other night. It’s a strange experience, sipping Lemon Zinger on your bathroom floor at 3AM. That’s a new one.

Life. Always something new.

I did play, though. We’ll talk. Later. You know. 


Ok, so met the dudes on the Nexus (no one bangable, sadly), and did a little who dunnit about panels. Let the guy go.


I really like the fact that no one knows what they’re doing. The first MEs were such god fantasies: “I am the mighty spectre! I am N7! I am the most bangable dude in the GALAXY! HEED ME!” This, everyone’s stumbling around in the dark. It’s a cool change in games. And it explains why they’re going to listen to this unknown. Always have to sort that out.

I’m gonna get sick of that train, aren’t I? I already kinda am. But hey, gotta get rid of them load screens. It’s NOT A LOAD SCREEN, OK???

How are you not banging the Turian guard captain yet? Or ARE you?

I needed that big play session. I feel slightly more into it now.

Though I am kinda starting to agree with the reviews in that this doesn’t feel a whole lot different from earlier games. This feels like, well, Mass Effect….circa 2013 or so. Not that that’s a BAD thing, per se, but…..


I let that guy go too. Because…I dunno. Everybody’s full of legitimate grievances. I’m sure we’ll get to fight him later when he’s become a space pirate.

Dude, this is BioWare…you have to LEAD UP to dragging people into your cabin for passionate interspecies love. I’ve got my eye on the captain, sure, but I haven’t even had a flirty conversation option yet.

Although there’s another Turian later on that I like even more, and there was a hint of flirting there…I’m keeping my options open.

Yeah, that train…definitely NOT A LOAD SCREEN! You can tell because the news announcer guy keeps chatting while you’re on it. It’s totally a lively, active part of the game! The news guy is not ever going to start giving helpful tips like “when in combat, try shooting at the enemy with whatever weapon you have equipped.”

I played some yesterday as well. I’m exploring a planet right now.

It does feel like there are a lot of things here that are reminiscent of other games. I don’t really mind that, but…hm. I guess it still hasn’t really gelled for me in terms of “OK, this is what I’m doing, this is why I care, this is why I play this game”…it’s fun, and I feel like it’s starting to come together (odd how that will happen if you actually get to play), but I’m not quite there yet.


Nor am I, but, to go back to the prior day’s worry, I felt more into when I, yes, played it. I really hope real life didn’t mess this game up for us.

I also am not yet taking sides, here. I mean, ok, mutiny is probably bad, but we’re trained to be open minded early in games, right? If these pirates are, like, hot…I mean, if they have a legitimate world view, I don’t want to alienate them early. And they might be hot.

Re: train–ha! Though that would be funny.

“Today, Helpful combat tips!”

Absolutely not a load screen.


Right? We don’t want to alienate a hot space pirate and potentially miss out on the love of our life!

And you’re right, I just got here and I’m unfamiliar with the situation: I can’t be taking sides until I’ve had a good look at the mutineers. I mean, heard their version of the story.


This is bioware after all. You never know. Sera was never quite the wealthiest girl. Some say she lives in a tavern. But she was the one for me.


There’s probably a seedy space tavern out there, frequently by the space pirates, and space Sera is waiting. You want to get off on the right foot, by showing you can forgive a little sabotage and destruction of common property. Word will get around, you know.


Maybe not Sera, but I will be stunned if we do not find a seedy space tavern filled with pirates. Stunned.