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Minor spoilers for early in Mass Effect: Andromeda and a significant plot spoiler for late in Mass Effect 3


Got nothing new, as I decided to make a good dinner, as this damn bug has been making me live on turkey sandwiches and I am SO sick of turkey sandwiches.

But I’ll likely play today. I’ve decided that what I really need to find (I mean, besides a way to the cute Scottish pilot’s heart) are some themes. There’s gotta be some themes around here somewhere. This is usually the part of the game where we start to see themes. We can’t talk about banging aliens for the next three months.

Well, we CAN, but we probably shouldn’t.


Ok, played a bit. Ran around site 2, did the “secret project” bit but didn’t finish it. Fought a fiend. That kinda sucked. But then the mission objective was still “defeat the kett” and I couldn’t find the last damn kett. Ran all around forever until “Ah ha! there you are, BOOM.”

There’s a lot to do. Sure, there’ll be dumb fetch quests (this “find the dead dudes” thing acts like one), but at least I’ve found interesting stuff at both sites so far.

This going to be a “hubris of mankind” deal? Cuz so far the theme I keep hitting is “everyone is really fucking unprepared for this.” “Like, REALLY unprepared.” Including, dare I say, Ryder. She’s still all “I don’t know why he chose me,” “I’m not my father,” etc.


Dude, I did the secret project up until ‘defeat the kett’ and then couldn’t find anymore kett to defeat! I ran all over looking for some and finally gave up. It still says ‘defeat the kett.’ I’ll go back…sometime…

Hubris could be a theme. Also, I think, maybe a ‘you can’t get away from yourself’ kind of thing. I mean, they were all “we’re going to a new galaxy to make a brand new start and everything is going to be shiny and new and awesome in every way!” and now we’re here and people are still getting murdered, arguing about who’s in charge, getting lost, etc.

We can’t successfully run away from our problems, because–for humans as a species, and/or for each of us as individuals–half of our problems are ourselves.

I mean, yeah, that whole scourge thing isn’t our fault and threw an unexpected wrench in the plans, but if it hadn’t been the scourge it would have been something else. People would have started arguments over the best way to manage the perfect farmland on the idyllic, problem-free planets, if that’s what they’d found. There will be problems, because people (in this game, ‘intelligent species’) cause problems for themselves and each other.

Also, it would be a boring game if there weren’t anyone to shoot.


That it would, that it would.

There were two of these kett, way up on this pylon or something, overlooking the lake. Maybe they were a couple, I dunno. They were just chilling all “Wow, what a view. Water, the sand….so nice…oh hey, humans. Isn’t this nice what do you mean I’m a quest objective?”

Hmm….I’ll play a bit more before I weigh in on the ‘running away from problems’ theme.

I WOULD say there was some sort of political tie in. They’re going to “Make Andromeda great” and, well, no. But this game had such a long development cycle that it can’t be that.

I kinda hope that this doesn’t end with Ryder MAKING everything all perfect and stuff. That’s often how games go. “This is about how humans are the problem…they mess everything up, they can’t outrun their problems, that sort of thing, that is, until Ryder shows up and then it’s ALL good.”

That wouldn’t sit well.

I’m very curious how this “First Murderer” one’s gonna end. I’m still not sure, and that’s cool. I have a feeling it’ll be themey.


Isn’t that just how it goes? The one time kett are just chilling, admiring the view, possibly making out (I don’t demand to be the only one who gets romance!), and I have to show up and kill them to complete a quest.

First Murderer is…interesting. See what you think. We can probably get some discussion out of it.

I agree that it will feel weird if everything winds up perfect because of Ryder, but I don’t get the sense that that’s the way they’re going. I hope. We shall see.

Also, you mentioned a couple of threads back how you solved the krogan genophage problem and why were the krogan still talking about it. I wondered about that too, but apparently, the arks left for Andromeda BEFORE Shepard solved the genophage. (So in the middle of ME2? Or even ME1?) So I guess we brought it with us and will have to solve it again. I don’t know why they did that.

Other than I guess Shepard did significantly rework life in the galaxy at the end of 3, so maybe they kind of had to in order to give us a halfway familiar jumping off point. So maybe that.


They really were just gazing at the lake. Poor guys. But quest objectives are quest objectives.

I dunno why they did that with the timing, either. Except that it explains the whole Krogan/Salarian thing.

It was late in 3. One of the reasons that the whole Krogan/Salarian thing wouldn’t work now is that’s how Mordin dies. The cure is up in that tower, and he climbs it, knowing it’ll kill him, to release the cure. And Mordin was around for a long time, I think.