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Spoilers for some early plot points in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ok, set off another monolith, got the rest of the murderer evidence, drove the nomad fairly well (it’s good to look for those paths), I’m at the third monolith.

Also met Drack the Krogan, and if he doesn’t join my team I’m gonna be pissed.

You MUST travel with Vetra. She rocks, and her banter with Liam is great. How did that Drack thing go for you? She was the one that talked him down. She was all “Be cool, Drack.”

And I found the last component. Gave some backstory, which was nice, and a metric fuckton of research data. Which was nice.

Made myself a sniper rifle.

I can see the mining thing being a pain. The first time I did it, I thought the ship was an enemy and got out and shot at it.


I talked Drack down myself, thank you. I can do my own situation-defusing! I don’t need no badass turian! Although I definitely want one. Next time I go back to and then leave the ship, I will absolutely take her with me.

It’s just weird, previous ME games (and even DA games) specifically prompt you every time you leave the ‘base’ area to choose who you want to take with you. This one, it must be buried in the ‘loadout’ options or something? And if you don’t actively change it, it just leaves you with the setup you had last time.

Which explains why I’ve been using the same gun the entire game. Mr. O’ asked “so what gun are you using most?” and I was like “I dunno, whichever one this is.” I am not finding the gear choices terribly compelling, I guess, so when I leave the ship it’s just “yeah yeah, that’s fine, let’s get on with it.”

I mean, I’ve flipped through the choices a few times, but they all seem more or less equivalent, and I just can’t be bothered. I built one of the pathfinder specials with research points and now I’m just going to lug it around forever.

“Gimme something that will shoot at things and something to wear that will prevent shots from hitting me. OK, great. I’m off.”

Which is all very well when it comes to armor and weapons, but obviously I’ve missed out on choosing different companions. Cora and Liam are probably really ready for a break by now, but too polite to say anything.


Vetra’s kinda awesome. And her and Liam really don’t like each other, which makes for good banter.

It is buried in ‘loadout’. There is no prompt. Hell, I didn’t even know Vetra COULD come with me until I stared fidgeting with the menu. I haven’t checked if Drach can yet. Nothing was said.

You can also change dudes at the forward stations. I haven’t been back to the Tempest yet, but I switched Vetra for Cora at a station.

I played a bit more last night and activated the third monolith (good to know Soduku survived for millennia) and finally got to the door thingy and jumped in. Stopped there.

And when I opened THAT door, it went to “choose loadout.” The thing is, it defaults to gear loadout. You have to click over to choose dudes.

So there are times you get prompted. You just have to remember that is also the dude selection screen.

Just remember when you pick a new dude that they’re gonna have umpteen skill points cuz they’ve been sitting in the ship leveling up and wondering why they feel so much more powerful.

So choose different dudes. You’re gonna like running around with Vetra.

I got so used to the assault rifle in the old games, I’ve stuck with it. I just did build a sniper rifle, and I have plans for a shotgun. If they’re awesome I’ll let you know.

And I switched out my blade. That’s awesome.


I was so happy to see sudoku in ancient alien ruins. A great concept cannot be confined to a single galaxy!

I’ve seen the loadout prompt before, but yeah, it always defaults to gear and I guess I just assumed that was all it was. I will actively flip around until I find companions next time I’m onboard or near a forward station! It’s my new goal.

I do also mean to switch out my blade, but keep forgetting. I just have the omniblade at the moment. It still does a decent bit of damage in emergency close-up situations, but if there’s something cooler, I should get it.


It took me a minute to realize that’s what it was. I mean, you go up, you find the glyphs, she talks about them, I think they’re important. I so tried to figure out something with just those two symbols, and on and on, until I just said “You know? I think this is just a sudoku.” And it was.

I have the omniblade II. How did I get that? I was just looting a container and did the “take all” (as one does) and I notice in the little text there on the left “Omniblade II acquired.” “Huh?” I said, but, sure enough, when I went to load out, I had Omniblade II. So I equipped it.

You’ve become such a good looter you got loot you don’t even know you got!

I am still mulling how the Remnants fit into theme. I should know soon enough.

Oh, and in the whole “Take what the game gives you?” My character introduces herself as “Sara Ryder.”


I think I noticed I’d acquired some kind of kett blade somewhere? But yeah, it’s definitely at the point where I loot automatically without actually looking at what I’m taking.

“In the cart!” I imagine I say, as I push my invisible loot cart around everywhere. I like the “sell all junk” button when you’re talking to merchants. That’s always a nice way a game can let you quickly clear out some inventory space.

I’m ALMOST tempted to go back and start the game again with the default name…but no. I don’t care that much about having people call me by name.


Did they really record all those lines twice? Or when you meet someone is it all “My name is [awkward pause] Ryder?”

Usually, so do I loot without looking. TAKE ALL! But this thing, and an assault rifle I found, didn’t have icons. The icons in the box were just for “weirdassed probably useless gel stuff,” as they are, and then, to the side, popped “Omniblade II.” It wasn’t in the box! Or was it? Who knows.

I still haven’t met a merchant. I guess there aren’t many customers when your planet is only 9% viable.


They must have recorded them twice, because I haven’t noticed an awkward pause, it’s just “hi, I’m Ryder” or whatever. Recording a few lines twice is still small potatoes compared to the way they recorded EVERYTHING with eight different voices or however many it was in DAI. Now that was dedication.

You didn’t run into the guy on the Nexus who buys stuff? He’s around there somewhere.


Dude I haven’t been BACK to the nexus. Or the tempest. I got the tempest, I tried mining some asteroid and got 73 iron, and went to Eos, where I remain.

I haven’t even got my flirt on! Which is so much more important than a merchant.


Fair! Very fair.

At some point you’ll pick up quests that require you to go back to the Nexus, but you’re quite right, until then, why leave the many potential adventures of where you already are?


Especially when peebee is kinda cute.

I like midriffs, you like exoskeletons. We all have our tastes.


And there certainly promises to be something for everyone in this batch of companions!

I need to go back to the Tempest and talk to people, see if I can get any flirting in…one just gets so distracted by map markers, monoliths, attacking kett command centers without save points, etc. I think my past 3-4 play sessions have just been wandering around on this planet.


ALL of my sessions for the past forever have been on Eos. There is some serious magpie shit here.

Magpie shit cramps your thang.

Too weird to be a T SHIRT!!!!


Yeah…that one is a bit obscure. Though true!


Too weird for us is pretty weird.



And also incredibly true.

The truth is weird, people. The truth is weird.