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Some spoilers for early Mass Effect: Andromeda points


Well, not off Eos. But I’m close!

Remember in TW3 when everyone was saying “Dude…GO TO SKELLEGE? Like, NOW?” That’s pretty much where I’m at with the Nexus. I made my outpost (went science), picked up another memory trigger, and now the whole fucking cast of NPCs is all “They need you on the nexus. You should go to the nexus. Boy oh boy I’ve heard the nexus sure is great. I went to the nexus and it was the best place ever in the history of ever. You should go. Now.”

But have I? No. Because, despite the NPCs, there’s QUESTS man! Exclamation points! And they lead to quests RIGHT OVER THERE!

If you want me to leave, do not give me quests!

Oh, I think I forgot to talk about the end of the vault thingy.

That was awesome.

What have people got against this game? The whole “We best run” running bit was fucking great. And the end? When you think you’re screwed and you go back TOWARDS it? Fantastic stuff.

I dunno, man. I’m liking this game. It’s had a good balance so far of open world and not, I like Ryder, I like the NPCs, it FEELS like Mass Effect, it has some good set pieces like running there (That was a great run away bit), and I’m sure when I can get my flirt on it’ll be great.

Though I switched guns and the one I switched to sucks.

The next planet is that point at the end of the vault, isn’t it?


OHMIGOD THE NEXUS IS SO AMAZING! You’re going to love it. There’s like 12 Scottish Caits there all flirting and offering you buckets of booze, and piles and piles of loot everywhere, and ROBOT DINOSAURS, and fancy dress balls, and group hugs, and heists, and explosions…words fail at even describing the awesomeness.

Nah, it’s cool. You’ll get there eventually. Then you’ll pick up a bunch more quests. Such is life.

I too tend to be of the “but I still have stuff to do here, so I’m going to stay and do it!” mentality. I mean, otherwise I’ll just have to come back.

Of course, once you get somewhere else you’ll promptly get a quest that means you’ll have to come back anyway, so it’s sort of a wash in the end, but I like to tidy up loose ends as I go, OK?

So you stick around Eos as long as you need to. That outpost needs your support, after all.

And yes, the next planet is the one that the end of the vault pointed to. You’ll get there too.


But…but there was an exclamation point! And a lost crew! And the quest marker is RIGHT NEXT TO ME and how can I not do that? HOW?

By the time I get to the Nexus the dress ball will be over, the booze will be gone, and Cait will be banging the ROBOT DINOSAURS. But at least my quest list will be pretty clear.

Funny you say that about loose ends, because the “mayor” of the outpost explicitly SAID “We’ll be ok here, and, don’t worry, I’m SURE YOU’LL HAVE REASON TO COME BACK HERE” (emphasis added.) NPCs are saying, explicitly, “Dude, c’mon, GO. You’ll be back to mop shit up later,” and I STILL feel compelled to stay.

By the way, I have five out of six companions. Drack has joined the crew, but I still have one slot all blacked out. Am I missing something? Someone? Someone cute?

(Decided to run with Vetra, who I knew you’d like, and PB for a while. See what happens.)


“No, seriously, our problems will wait until the next time you come back here, which you totally will, GO TO THE NEXUS ALREADY and get out of our hair, you’re making everyone nervous!”

You’ll pick up another companion on the next planet. It’s all good. Cute? Enh…you probably won’t think so?


Nervous? Nah. I think that dude just wants to assert authority.

“I guess I’m the mayor…..” That was a tad presumptuous. Dude just strolls in and declares himself mayor. Obviously has power issues. The last thing he wants is some pathfinder mucking around making him look bad. Shit, even after the cutscene in which he was all “Who’s the mayor? This guy,” I got transported out of the outpost to a forward station. I fast traveled right back. Dude must’ve been all “Didn’t I show you out? DIDN’T I?”

Won’t think so, hm? Well then…PB? Scottish pilot? Fight for my affections.

(Watch, neither will be romanceable and I’ll be forever alone. Or stuck wtih Drack.)


Cora not doing it for you? She’s high strung, I’ll give you that. Intense.

Plus there’s the whole awkwardness of her having been your father’s second in command and presumed successor, until all of a sudden oh-hey-nepotism! he named you despite your plainly evident lack of training or qualifications. (Fortunately, that always turns out great! Look at video games! Every monarchy ever! The White House!)

Drack’s a great guy once you get to know him a little better.


Ooo! I forgot about Cora! I sent her back a while ago, pre vault, to hang with Vetra! She IS cute! Not really digging the whole shaved head bit, but cute.

And she has perfected the breast defining armor. Ryder’s gotta take some tips for that. I’m not rocking anything all that flattering right now.


Yeah, Ryder’s armor is meh at best. Although I’ve got the N7 stuff, with the black line sort of defining the butt? Like, hey, each cheek needs its own armor plate! wouldn’t want anything to happen to either one of them…which I guess some might find appealing?

I dunno, I wear it because I have it on and can’t be bothered to switch. It’s hard to figure out which armor is better than other armor, so now that I think of it, that’s pretty much an argument for just going with what looks best.

Which MIGHT not be the pseudo-thong, in my estimation, although to each their own.


My Ryder certainly did NOT get the memo that Bioware armor for women MUST be….custom made. Cora gets it.


Well, again, Cora was expected to be the Pathfinder after Ryder Sr. Naturally she would have put in the time and effort to get armor befitting the role. Ryder was barely awake when “oh, hey, your brother’s in a coma and your dad’s dead and also he made you Pathfinder.” No wonder she just grabbed whatever was lying around.


She did. Indeed, my hairdo does have that “just rolled out of cryostorage” look. But then, I hear that’s very in.


If it isn’t, it will be. The Pathfinder sets the trends, man!

But once again we see how Cora has prepared for this: super short hair is hard to muss up. She was READY. And here we came along and took it all away from her. I wouldn’t blame her for secretly plotting against me.

Better go flirt with her so she’ll like me too much to turn on me.


And she was the first one I sent back! Damn. Should’ve kept her around. To keep an eye on her. And get tips on the armor.


Keep your friends close and your frenemies-maybe-lovers closer. Especially if they have nice armor.


The nice armor is KEY.

Very, very key.

Gotta get me some of that. Because, for the manyth bioware game in a row, I seem to have a crush on myself.


Well, that’s a testament to your painstaking Morrigan-and-Leliana-duplication skills.

I mean, your subtle roleplaying and character development.

No, wait, I definitely do mean your duplication skills.


If she ever gets good armor, it’s over. The initiative, humanity, all of it. Ryder will just sit in her very awesome cabin on the tempest gazing into the mirror.